• "Again, your "kind" is forbidden from monitoring me in any way, on any venue."

Removing Content

Illegal content

There are precisely two instances in which we always remove content.

  • Child Pornography. Use the built-in report feature or Contact Us link to report any post of exploited minors and it will be dealt with immediately.
  • Copyrighted Material. We do not host well-known copyrighted content. What copyrighted content we do host is usually covered under Fair Use, but if you are the copyright holder of something, email legal@kiwifarms.net with the appropriate documents. I do not respond to emails without sufficient proof of a legal claim.

Content on people

In short: We do not ever delete threads on people. In the five years we've been around (!), we have taken down threads only for quality reasons. We have been threatened with lawsuits countless times. We have been threatened by celebrities. We have never been taken to court and if we had we would win. In most instances, we post threats and litigation publicly.

Typically, a courtesy removal may be done in one specific situation:

  • The thread is about a minor,
  • The subject's Internet drama is limited to our website,
  • And they are no longer a public figure. This is either because they've been medicated, grew up, received proper parenting, etc.
These conditions have resulted in thread take-downs about five times in our history.


Before you even waste my time with your frivolous legal issues, keep in mind these points.

  • We are protected by 47 U.S.C. § 230. This means that the posters on this website own their content, not me, and are legally liable for any defamation they commit. You will not win a legal suit against me and there is case law to prove it.
  • I will never surrender any information on my users unless I am subpoenaed.
  • I am an insane person on the Internet with no assets. There is nothing you can take from me.
If you still want your garbage legal letters to end up in the dumpster, send them to legal@kiwifarms.net.

On the DMCA and fair use

Service DMCA complaints to legal@kiwifarms.net.

Do yourself a favor and read about the requirements for a DMCA request before bothering to try and service one. A primary requirement for a DMCA request is a legal return address that we may file counternotices to. This is obligatory, because proceedings cannot continue without a counternotice. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a legal DMCA notice, it is unlikely I will dignify your incomplete DMCA notice with a reply.

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