Removing Content

  • We've gotten set up for downtime announcements since Twitter doesn't allow us to have one.

Unlawful Content

We remove content which is unlawful in the United States. Examples:

  • Copyrighted Material. The forum is not a webstie dedicated to piracy. Copyrighted content is to be used fairly for criticism and/or ridicule. Copyright holders wishing to file a complaint should consider fair use first, because we will evaluate the use before making any decision.
  • Child Sex Abuse Material (CSAM). Use the built-in report feature or Contact Us link to report any post of exploited minors and it will be dealt with immediately.
  • Animal Crush. Our community earned a lot of good will by assisting in identifying and arresting multiple animal abusers. However, content considered "animal crush" cannot be posted here. In general, animal abuse material should be limited to only what helps identify abusers.
  • By Court Order. The law has evolved to deal with "nonconsensual pornography" and other similarly complicated problems. If you want something which is ordinarily considered legal to be removed, you must first go through the courts and get a US court order.

Content on Individuals and Groups

In short: We do not delete threads. This forum has been around for over 8 years. In that time, we have only removed threads only for quality reasons. We have been threatened with lawsuits countless times. We have been threatened by celebrities and organizations with significantly more resources than us. We have been threatened by entire governments. We have been attacked by journalists working for national and international media conglomerates. We have been taken to court and we won every time.

We do not remove threads. Do not threaten us.

Complaints to Third Parties

If you submit a complaint to search engines or DDoS mitigators about the site, they forward it to us. Complaints are always contested.

Complaints of Defamation

Before you even waste my time with your frivolous legal issues, keep in mind these points.

  • We are protected by 47 U.S.C. § 230. This means that the posters on this website own their content, not me, and are legally liable for any defamation they commit. You will not win a legal suit against me and there is case law to prove it.
  • I will never surrender any information on my users unless I am subpoenaed.
  • I am an insane person on the Internet with no assets. There is nothing you can take from me.

Read How is this site legal? for more information.

If you still want your letters to end up in the garbage, send them to Your request will be given respect not exceeding what is given.

Courtesy Removals

Typically, a courtesy removal may be done in one specific situation:

  • The thread is/was about a minor,
  • The subject's Internet drama is limited to our website,
  • And they are no longer a public figure. This is either because they've been medicated, grew up, received proper parenting, etc.

All of these conditions must be met. This courtesy removal has only been done a few times. Your email will probably be ignored.

Copyright, the DMCA, and Fair Use

Service DMCA complaints to

Things to consider:

  1. The community enjoys a high level of transparency. As such, your DMCA notice will be posted without any information redacted.
  2. Fake DMCAs are quietly deleted. Signing a DMCA for someone you are not authorized to represent is a crime. We authenticate complaints.
  3. Incomplete or invalid DMCAs are not honored. For instance, a primary requirement is a legal return address (not a P.O. Box) that we may file a counter-notice to.

You Will Lose Your Lawsuit

  • Scott v. Lolcow LLC (2017) was our first lawsuit. Melinda Leigh Scott attempts to sue my company after her stalker used the Kiwi Farms to talk about her in a thread that was about only himself. The case is dismissed without trial.
  • Scott v. Wise County Commonwealths (2017) was a follow-up by Melinda. Unsatisfied with the court's prior judgement, she then sued the county alongside my company in an attempt to force them to arraign me with criminal charges. The district court throws out the complaint in the same day the clerk receives it. Who says Government isn't efficient?
  • Scott v. Moon (2017) was Melinda's third attempt. This time, she sues me as a person. I didn't respond to the lawsuit and it was thrown out at the first hearing.
  • Scott v. Carlson, et al (2018) was the fourth lawsuit from Melinda, this time thrown out within days for being totally baseless and legally insufficient.
  • Scott v. Moon, et al (2019) is the 5th goddamn motherfucking time this stupid cunt sued me and lost.
  • Greer v. Moon, et al. (2020) alleged copyright infringement and defamation against the Kiwi Farms. Greer had a meltdown over my choice of counsel and published a tantrum to the court. It was dismissed with prejudice.
  • Tomlinson v. 60 John Does (2021) was an attempt to collect user data from the Kiwi Farms by a well-known SciFi author. Tomlinson was met in court. In January 2022, he voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit after spending over $100,000 and owing an additional $23,000 in court fees.
  • Scott v. Wise County Department of Social Services, et al. (2021) was the 6th attempt from Melinda, this time alleging that a phone call to child services was a malicious act by a forum user which I was personally liable for. We retained counsel and it was dismissed with prejudice.