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  1. Man drowns while proposing underwater.

    i was looking at that overhanging dock as well, maybe he managed to swim into the dock at a decent speed? Could have been a combination of being excited and running out of air which caused him to rush back to the surface, but maybe he was still looking down at the window as he did? Could have...
  2. Law 2020 Democrats Warm to Mandatory Buybacks of Assault Weapons

    sorry I don't post here enough to get to know the trolls i just thought he was legit exceptional :(
  3. Law 2020 Democrats Warm to Mandatory Buybacks of Assault Weapons

    who is talking about the turner diaries except you? the rest of us are talking about a report from a mainstream left-leaning outlet which says a major left-leaning polling organization found almost 3/4 of democrat voters want gun confiscation, and the pols they elect are openly endorsing it as...
  4. Law 2020 Democrats Warm to Mandatory Buybacks of Assault Weapons

    the gist of the article (from a relatively left-leaning source) is that 71% of democrats want mandatory confiscation of almost every gun I own, and every democratic presidential candidate is echoing that sentiment in every debate and presser. there's several major gun control bills already in...
  5. Disaster Authorities searching for active shooter between Midland and Odessa, Texas; 20 people reportedly injured; at least 8 dead

    Every smuggo who's like UMM WHY COULDN'T THEY SHOOT BACK HUUUUH??? every time there's a crime in Texas seems to think everyone there walks around strapped 24/7 but that's pretty far from the case. Most estimates I've seen on TX gun ownership rates put it at about 35%, notably lower than some...
  6. World Andrew Yang proposes ‘giant space mirrors’ to combat climate change

    I'm no nuclear engineer, just someone who has had a passing interest in nuclear power since I was a kid. However as I understand it Chernobyl was the result of a specific type of graphite-moderated reactor called an RBMK, which was designed by the USSR and never duplicated elsewhere due to...
  7. Disaster Chris Cuomo threathens Trump Supporter

    I had no idea what he meant by Fredo, so once again wikipedia came to the rescue. Thanks, jimmy wales
  8. War Police warn of an active shooter at an El Paso, Texas, mall

    What would a cap on the number of guns people can own do to stop mass shootings or the much more common phenomenon of "normal" homicides like street crime? I can't think of a single thing it would accomplish, aside from annoying and inconveniencing the millions of collectors in the US or those...
  9. War Police warn of an active shooter at an El Paso, Texas, mall

    Mass shootings represent a tiny fraction of annual homicide fatalities, so of fucking course they're not gonna sway us to give up our rights and expensive-ass property because someone else committed a crime. (Especially a crime that's only given so much disproportionate attention because the...
  10. Police responding to active shooting in Oregon District in Dayton OH

    also all these 24/7 news outlets turning these guys into incel antiheroes in one breath, and then asking what could possibly be causing them to do it in the next, is getting pretty exhausting
  11. Police responding to active shooting in Oregon District in Dayton OH

    The Gun Violence Archive and similar sites are fun because like others have said, instead of going by the established FBI definition they invented their very own to inflate the numbers, so smug fucks can smug out about a big number and act like every single one was Sandy Hook all over again. If...
  12. hell yeah

    hell yeah
  13. Disaster E. Jean Carroll claims Trump raped her

    So the timeline described is as follows: -At some point in a vague 6-month window she follows a stranger into a busy upscale Manhattan department store to try on sheer lingerie for him because it'd be funny (???) -When they enter the dressing room together he throws her around and assaults her...
  14. Law Trump admin imposes bumpstock ban unilaterally

    oh also my hot take on the threads actual subject is that bumpstocks are dumb, but banning them is even dumber
  15. Law Trump admin imposes bumpstock ban unilaterally

    I've seen people kicked off some ranges for exceeding rapid fire rules, but never because of the specific gun they were using to break the rules, and a lot people who live outside of cities just shoot on private land where there's no bitchy ROs to regulate your rate of fire anyway. Even then...

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