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    Hey I just watched The Ritual for the first time yesterday. It was really good. Rafe Spall is a great actor.
    Don't feel too scared about wisdom teeth surgery, it wasn't that hard for me to keep my mouth healthy. Just make sure to follow the dentist's instructions, wash your mouth out with salty water and use the syringe like tool to clean the holes after you eat until they heal up, etc. Possibly have another person help you remember maintenance if you live with a friend/family/S.O.
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    Ad Lib Moaning
    Thanks for the tips! I probably would be fine if not the syringe-thing alone. I don't really fear needles but having that on my mouth and the holes is just scary. But nevertheless, I'm going to tough it out anyway! (I fear that I would accidentally rip open the holes on drinking water...)

    And I need braces some time after that, the wisdom teeth placement on my bottom jaw fucked up my other teeth really badly. :(
    Oh it's not a needle! You don't have to poke yourself, its a thin tube you use to flush debris out of your sockets. You've see how they feed tiny new born animals? It's like those. I used mine kinda like a water gun during the first few days because I was scared of ripping open my holes. Once you start healing you can use it more effectively. It helps to watch what you eat, avoid foods with small parts like rice.
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