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    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    You can still be a liberal and still shit on deranged bullshit; especially since said bullshit is leftist, not liberal. Asterios though is too spineless and shortsighted to understand this. He also is really fucking stupid to try and appeal to people who think on feeling and desperate to purge...
  2. Adamska

    "angry" gamers/critics

    A pretty shit one, but Strider might also be just poisoning the well and these are just his own opinions that he knows aren't kosher.
  3. Adamska

    Tabletop Roleplaying Games (D&D, Pathfinder, CoC, ETC.)

    It usually is because there's a bit of a bad air around the games due to the playerbase. I can state though that the game is more doable on a skeleton crew than DnD though; my most successful VtM game had a coterie of two players throughout.
  4. Adamska

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell

    I guess Pig is trying to pretend that he didn't use his cult's money to do all of this with this pretty much full on lie. Looks like he's barely able to realize that telling the small audience of tards that treat his shithole of a chat like a secret club that he scammed the money to do this is a...
  5. Adamska

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    Honestly, he should've just used this image for his gluttony thumbnail. If I needed to show aliens what that term means, this picture encapsulates it. It'd probably also count as a diplomatic insult too. It really is No, you shut down comments because you're a fat crybaby who uses wifey's...
  6. Adamska

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell

    I legit think Phil is an autist with NPD myself. The autism comes from his tendency to weeble, wobble, and use weird ass turns of phrase and sticking to a hard schedule and hating surprises. The NPD is just plain obvious. The issue with Pig is we'll never know exactly what the fuck is wrong...
  7. Adamska

    Infected Euphoric atheists

    This idiot isn't an Atheist, he's actively stating that on some level he does believe in a deity, but hates them. That's Misotheism, not Atheism.
  8. Adamska

    2019-04-10 DSP Got Married

    Pig tends to go prestige usually due to his crippling narcissism, though I bet he just asked her and got the one she wanted since he's lazy. And yeah, I kind of figured the "tax money" went into this failure of a wedding. Seriously, this as sad as this one wedding I was told about where a dude...
  9. Adamska

    Australatina [8 Oct 18] Autistan starts ethnic cleansing

    Phil again tries to up the numbers for this barely a war to make it look more serious, even though I can state happily these events are non-canon, as Spuds here lost the rights over three years ago now when he tard-raged and Shoah'd the Jews in Autistan. Though he seems to forget he's supposed...
  10. Adamska

    Tabletop Roleplaying Games (D&D, Pathfinder, CoC, ETC.)

    New segment on Sigmata, and hey it has crunch now: As for tabletopping news, the group I'm in (and myself too) have been coming up with homebrew classes on our own. Finished a minionmancer build, and am about to work on a Psionic one too. Others have a nasty as hell gish build and one of us...
  11. Adamska

    An Autistic Analysis on Dungeons and Dragons 3.x Classes

    Apologies for the delay, had some things to do and was pretty tired until now. So let's finally get down to writing about the eternal nightmare of: Complete Warrior (Pt 1) This book has taken ages to get through. This is because unlike the other books I've gone through so far, this fucker has...
  12. Adamska

    Bryan Dunn / King of /pol/ (KoP) / The Armed Toast / The Exceptional Detective / BoomerPhil

    It fits his self-destructive tendencies and tendency to look himself up to be fair.
  13. Adamska

    2019-04-10 DSP Got Married

    Wow... he really must be desperate to try and get Leanna and us jealous if he legit married Khet. I never expected him to ever nut up enough to do this, but I'm curious on if he got some per-nuptial agreements or something going on. If not, then the Golddigger/Divorce Saga will be absolutely...
  14. Adamska

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    I wonder how many hours the clearly angered and possessed by a Cannibal Ghost pile of white trash spends reading us mocking him? I imagine at least an hour a day, maybe two given how badly the divinely mandated strokes have mangled his mind and how pissy he's gotten over the years.
  15. Adamska

    An Autistic Analysis on Dungeons and Dragons 3.x Classes

    Paladins actually do have some good spells; they're just completely unique in that their best spells are in supplement books, since usually your best spells tend to be in the SRD. Good while out. I've been stuck due to other projects (Dice Scum, a real yob, and even some homebrew in the form of...

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