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    Resident Evil

    Of course, I'm an incel because I don't like claire nu-personality. Og claire, strong but feminine. Nu claire is your typical ''Hur dur gurl power'' tomboy protagonist. I'll even give you 2 examples, so maybe you can stop acting like a clueless catgirl: Look at her hesitation upon first...
  2. Ali della Fenice

    Disaster Men are in trouble. ‘Incels’ are proof.

    You can understand the struggle and still hate the guy's guts. People don't become that horrible, at least usually, just because one day they get up and decide to do so. And stop with the bullshit ''muh hurrible personality''. You act like the world isnt full of assholes with plenty of women...
  3. Ali della Fenice

    Resident Evil

    The cussing issue is clearly with both. They just do it too much, probably because the writer is western. You evidently didnt get what I meant, if youre still confused.
  4. Ali della Fenice

    'You should be able to buy games where you want to buy them' says Microsoft exec

    They don't give a shit about their fanbase, that's for sure. Did they really had the intention of announcing banjo in smash during their own conference? There was this rumor about Miyamoto appearing, but didn't make it in time, due to a delay with his flight. I hypothetical xbox user, watch your...
  5. Ali della Fenice

    E3 2019 / 2020

    I haven't been able to take him seriously since the day I saw this clip. He just looks like the guy in the vid.
  6. Ali della Fenice

    Disaster Men are in trouble. ‘Incels’ are proof.

    One thing in particular that I did find really interesting, is when she tried to approach that chick as a man. The woman treated her with contempt, but when she came back and told her the truth, this woman apologized for being bitchy. I wonder if she did that only because of the cameras or...
  7. Ali della Fenice

    Disaster Men are in trouble. ‘Incels’ are proof.

    This already says everything that needs to be said and it's from 2006. Doesnt surprise me that it has been pretty much lost in time and ignored.
  8. Ali della Fenice

    Disaster Men are in trouble. ‘Incels’ are proof.

    Then you know that those guys are nowhere near 30% of the american male population, otherwise those forums would likely have hundreds of thousands of registered users. Add also that some of them are just doing it to blow off steam, as a form of shitposting and you get with a number of...
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    Disaster Men are in trouble. ‘Incels’ are proof.

    This just comes off as white knighting. Or now do you really believe that all men who are having dating problems, are angry incels ala Elliot rogers? just in America it seems like it's around 30%. If every single one of them was a psycho, I guess we would know by now. I dont think you and a lot...
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    E3 2019 / 2020

    For those who say that MS is better than sony, because tiddies: old new and the usual people on twitter, doing better than they guys actually hired for the job.
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    E3 2019 / 2020

    Doubt. They are smug sure, but Microsoft seems to be also smug as well. They were smelling their own farts all the time during the show.
  12. Ali della Fenice

    E3 2019 / 2020

    Seems like sony did the right thing, by skipping e3. an absolute boring corporate sjw shitshow.
  13. Ali della Fenice

    good taste. Samurai troopers kicks ass.

    good taste. Samurai troopers kicks ass.
  14. Ali della Fenice

    World British News Megathread

    You watch some weird porn, I tell you.
  15. Ali della Fenice

    Plagued (Previously known as /r/incels)

    I would say that some people get to that point, because of how they've been treated. You're just telling them to go get shit on some more. The percentage of incels who are just incels out of the blue, without having received any previous negative reinforcement, is pretty small in my opinion...

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