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    Can a lolcow be redeemed

    I tend to observe the environment around the lolcow in addition to the lolcow themselves. Most people don't progress to lolcow status if people put their foot down and tell them to stop being a lolcow. If you don't set boundaries then people will more likely than not become lolcows. CWC's...
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    Would it be prefferable to have AI function as law enforcement?

    All of this. If we're going to model AI to act like current police we'd pretty much be creating an army of RoboCop clones. It could probably be more useful for a certain subset of crimes but to have it apply to all crimes is just unrealistic at this point in time. EDIT: By "subset of crimes" I...
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    Lolcow Mr. Burgers / Jesse Radin / Jesse Nicholas Radin

    He's currently off his medication so he's pretty much violating a court order. I tried to find the crime reports for what he said on his Twitter but no dice, probably because they can't post stuff that is medical in nature due to HIPAA. One of the big selling points of Mr. Burgers as a lolcow is...
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    TGWTG The Spoony One / Spoony / Noah Antwiler

    I'd attribute this to losing the genetic lottery TBH.
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    How to handle exceptional individuals?

    The process of unfriending Mr. Burgers was way too long and protracted now that I reflect back on it. If people in their life are enabling their behavior through action (his mom) or inaction (his dad), it's best to cut bait.
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    Disaster Rep. Elijah Cummings, House Oversight Committee Chair, is dead at 68 due to health complications

    It sucks that he represented an echo chamber which means no actual change and leadership gets done because you're surrounded by yes men who will vote you in every time. Hopefully the next guy does better but I doubt it.
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    I was a former IRL friend of a lolcow here and had lots of information on him.

    I was a former IRL friend of a lolcow here and had lots of information on him.
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    Disaster Mauritania Set to Win Seat on UN’s Top Human Rights Body, Despite 500,000 Slaves

    Do they just pick names out of a hat at this point for the Human Rights Council?
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    Lolcows by the numbers

    Thought it would be interesting to compare obscure lolcows to more prominent lolcows TBH. Staring at Excel spreadsheets all day long for work (which I'm sure a few of us do) can get tiring. It's whatever, wasn't expecting anything out of this.
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    Lolcows by the numbers

    I'm sure there's lots of data available for this sort of project. Has anyone thought of ranking lolcows based on various statistics and metrics, and placing them on a leaderboard-type table? Some proposed statistics would be like number of arrests, restraining orders, commitments to mental...
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    Lolcow Mr. Burgers / Jesse Radin / Jesse Nicholas Radin

    UPDATE 10/16/19: If you answered #2 on my previous post, then you're correct. Mr. Burgers had another hospital visit. I don't know if there's a high score for lolcows being committed to mental hospitals on Kiwi Farms but there really should be a leaderboard. He's been hospitalized at least...
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    Lolcow Mr. Burgers / Jesse Radin / Jesse Nicholas Radin

    As of 10/15/19, he has not posted since last Friday. My guesses are the following: 1. Word of him violating his court order somehow reached the cops/his probation officer. I don't know if they have people monitoring his online presence (which law enforcement really should) 2. He was...
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    Lolcow Mr. Burgers / Jesse Radin / Jesse Nicholas Radin

    Jesse bristles against any type of female authority FYI for those just tuning in. Basically if you're a woman and you're in a position of authority, Jesse will most likely hate you (hence why he's an incel and probably Elliott Rodger 2.0 if he keeps going unmedicated and unchecked). He...
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    Lolcow Mr. Burgers / Jesse Radin / Jesse Nicholas Radin

    I know who you are talking about. I'm thinking she deactivated her FB or blocked everyone who has been associated with Jesse as a result as I was her FB friend for a bit. I found someone on FB with her last name who lives in Antioch, I'm not sure if that's her mom or an aunt or another relative...
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    Lolcow Mr. Burgers / Jesse Radin / Jesse Nicholas Radin

    Yeah, sadly law enforcement is next to powerless when it comes to online stalking. From what I remember others have contacted the cops to do welfare checks on him but I'm not sure if anything came of it. Jesse may be an autistic lolcow, but he's also pretty intelligent when he wants to be. He...

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