• ”i fear for my life every day because trump won't give me money for me to waste on striped socks, used panties and a webcam to show the world how girly i am”
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Jun 17, 2016
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Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake., Female

True & Honest Fan
    1. Slick Bridges
      Slick Bridges
      Your well-formulated posts are appreciated. Two thumbs up.
      1. xxXDxx likes this.
    2. Cheesegirl78
      Could you tell me what the "Islamic content" in the ratings mean? I'm a bit embarrassed to ask on the board itself.
      Thanks for your help.
      1. Barbarella
        Basically, it's the same as the horrifying rating, (only you have to donate to get that one). It's nothing against you or the poster, just the content posted. Like if Amberlynn said something stupid and you posted it, it might be rated Islamic Content, but it's in response to Amber, not you. :).
        Aug 22, 2017
      2. Cheesegirl78
        Ok, thanks.
        Aug 22, 2017
    3. Cheesegirl78
      For more background information on the Jahi McMath case, go to Trials and Tribulations.com
      1. Barbarella
        Thanks, I'll check it out!
        Aug 4, 2017
        Alpo_Farts36 likes this.
      2. Cheesegirl78
        Or try under sprocket.blogspot.com
        Aug 4, 2017
    4. MirnaMinkoff
      Glad you are back. Sorry you had such a terrible week, being sick sucks but being sick and losing a beloved kitty just ain't right. I hope the universe makes it up to you.
    5. Dilligaff
      I'm so sorry about the loss of your kitty. Losing a furry friend is so difficult. I had to put one of mine down when she was 19. I'm also very sorry you had to deal with health issues as well. I hope things get better for you soon.
      1. Barbarella
        Thanks so much. As you know, a kitty that old is a big chunk of life, and the house seems empty. I keep thinking I see her!

        I appreciate the kind sentiments, on my health too. On the way to recovery there. :).
        Jul 31, 2017
    6. For The Internet
      For The Internet
      I'm so sorry about your loss, especially with the whole Raven thing happening. I have an 18-year-old kitty who is blind and deaf and on a lot of medication to keep going. I've only had her for 8 years (adopted her from a shelter at 10), but she's my baby and I love her so much. I know how it feels and wanted to offer some positive vibes.
      1. Barbarella
        Thanks. Yes it's really hard-18 years is a big chuck of my life and the house seems so empty. When she wasn't in bed with me during this recent illness, I knew.Gonna miss her.

        I hope you and you cat have many more years together. They really are the best. Give yours a little cuddle for me. :).
        Jul 30, 2017
    7. Cheesegirl78
      1. Barbarella likes this.
    8. nad7155
      Hanoi Jane.

      But, she had a rocking body in "On Golden Pond"
      1. Kiwi Jeff likes this.
      2. Barbarella
        She still does-for 80. :).
        Apr 9, 2017
        Kiwi Jeff likes this.
    9. PropaGONDA
      Where'd you go?!
      1. Kiwi Jeff likes this.
      2. Barbarella
        I'm here. :).
        Mar 7, 2017
        Kiwi Jeff likes this.
    10. SOINCHU
      Love that movie! I even have the soundtrack on vinyl!
      1. Barbarella
        Jane is still awesome! Check out Grace and Frankie on Netflix if you haven't yet.
        Jul 26, 2016
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