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    Megathread Phil buying edgy shit megathread

    His idea of sex is basically "people being put into restraints and stuff gets shoved up their butts".
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    Gross Luna Slater / funeral1996 / rotten2thecore1996 / howl1996 / junkhun

    Luna is creepy. Her face looks like that of a poorly embalmed corpse.
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    "I am Very Online"
  4. Big Nasty


    Evan Stone is still around boning chicks on video, even though he's becoming quite the fat bastard. Possibly suffering from the same condition as Ron Jeremy, i.e. can't get laid outside the porn biz.
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    Skitzocow Susan Stone / David L. Stone / Dance Of Life

    Don Vito in drag.
  6. Big Nasty

    Love your username and avatar

    Love your username and avatar
  7. Big Nasty

    Emily Rose Youcis / @realemilyyoucis / "Pistachio Girl", creator of Alfred Alfer

    Wait, what the fuck was that about? Where's the thread?
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    Emily Rose Youcis / @realemilyyoucis / "Pistachio Girl", creator of Alfred Alfer

    Em, if you read this plz show butthole
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    FIGGIN [Late Feb - March 19] "Phil had a dream" semi-megathread.

    I forgot about his obsession with public transit systems, he hasn't mentioned it in a long while. That is also one of the things that has been consistent with him over the tears.
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    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    I think Bob is proof that we currently live in a cyberpunk future. Has there ever before been a more dedicated sucker of corporate dick?
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    Megathread Phil buying edgy shit megathread

    Of course Amberlynn looks better, she's just mega fat but otherwise a decent looking woman. I'd dab her chin any day.
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    Megathread Phil buying edgy shit megathread

    Also road signs and spanish words.
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    حلال LagoonaBlue / Harriet Louise Connor / BendyRuler / erapony / HazzaScottish / Hazza Jermface / erajermface

    This is said to be Lagoona's favorite food. A steady diet of these will cause you to start collecting pictures of strange mens' penises on your mobile phone.
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    Megathread Phil buying edgy shit megathread

    It could have been a case of a social fallacy being in action. Phil may probably have been recognised as a nuisance customer, but telling him to get lost would have been kink-shaming or whatever. Besides, he bought their shit, didn't he?

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