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    Best Legend of Zelda game.

    I think which Zelda game you like is the one you grew up with. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask would be mine since the N64 was my major console experience as a child. For me OoT pioneered 3D world gameplay and did it well enough that its still playable for today standards while MM had a...
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    Culture 'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction

    MTV should reboot Viva La Bam with a younger relative of Bam as the star and have Bam be the Don Vito character.
  3. Billy_Sama

    Culture 'Jackass' left a wake of pain, arrests and addiction

    Seeing Bam Margera life and body falling apart in IRL is more entertaining than watching his TV show.
  4. Billy_Sama

    Dragon Quest

    I enjoy Dragon Quest Builders more than Minecraft since the Single Player game has more charm and a goal to shoot for.
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    Most controversial videogame levels

    90% of the NES library.
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    Halle, Germany Shooting

    So does that mean Twitch is the new 8chan?
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    Most controversial videogame levels

    I just have to post this short clip and everyone will understand what I am talking about
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    6ix9ine is a narc

    A child sex offender and snitch is a instant death sentence. I will be generous and give him a month to live.
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    Culture 'OK' hand signal added to civil rights group's database of hate symbols

    Its going to be awkward for white men in the future once all hairstyles are considered hate symbols and have to be skinheads.
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    Nick Carter gets restraining order against brother Aaron

    You know you are a forgotten celebrity when you only get notice for horrifying family problems.
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    SUV of Peace drives through Chicagoland mall (Woodfield), at least 2 reported injured

    Someone spent too much time playing in the mall in GTA Vice City.
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    A man nearing his 30s talks about Internet friends

    Null is a great person running this site considering what people and attention it attracts. In an age of corporatized sites and group echo chambers, this site manages to still thrive. With the challenges Null has to deal with, most people would leave or give the responsibilities to lesser people...
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    Any metalheads in here?

    They are a legit metal band but I prefer the Beatles of Metal myself.
  14. Billy_Sama

    Blue Moon Nursery

    I never thought there would be something worst than the Smurf Dance Party on the Wii but this is leagues way worst. I ain't clicking any of the Spoilers here

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