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  • It's comforting to know I'm not the only person who longs for the old William Gibson.
    I feel like the farther we get away from the sprawl, the less magic there is in his writing.
    A pity, the sprawl is my #1 fav fiction of all time and likely some of the most important books of the late 20th century.
    Gibson once invented the term and concept of something as vital as Cyberspace, only to end up whining about the country he abandoned in wartime 24/7.
    Blini Cat
    Blini Cat
    On some level I get it, because I think technology in Neuromancer is basically magic. Gibson never even used a computer so he was extrapolating a lot and just being imaginative. You can kind of see the same thing in The Bridge Trilogy where there's still extrapolation but somewhat updated.
    I completely forgot he was a draft dodger though, lol.
    He does make mention of neurologically controlled fire circuits in fighter planes evolving into the matrix interface, as well as "helmets with dual video screens that gradually atrophied and became implants" or something.
    He doesn't have the tech details always right but he has the logic down pat. It helps to read his passages at speed and then go over if you still can't make out what he's implying.
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