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    Will Chris go to hell?

    As someone else has said, he's an apostate (and I'm not just referring to the Neptunia stuff, but think about it; he worships a goddess, doesn't he? By definition, that means he's no longer a Christian). So by the religion he was raised in, yes he would. But by his current religion, no he...
  2. Carmilla

    Powerlevel bait thread

    I am in fact a vampire. ...Okay, that was stupid. I apologize.
  3. Carmilla

    How would you react to meeting a fellow KiwiFarms user IRL?

    I probably wouldn't even notice, to tell the truth.
  4. Carmilla

    This is how you don't play life

    Yes, but would his ego allow for it? We are talking about Phil here :P!
  5. Carmilla

    SlutHate II: Hatred Edition

    I regret not finding out about this place three or four years ago. Reading through the logs alone is a real trip. Can't imagine how awesome it was to be there :( .
  6. Carmilla

    Feedback Reset first unread option

    It's probably easier said than done, like someone else said. That being said, maybe...I don't know...use a notepad to keep track of where you are on the long threads you're watching? Just throwing ideas out there. And I've found making a simple note works well enough for me in this case...
  7. Carmilla

    Culture This autistic student asked for a ‘fist bump’ and a selfie. He got two Title IX investigations.

    This is just messed up. I say the Knights should sue that bitch for defamation. Yes, I'm entirely serious.
  8. Carmilla

    Do You Name Your Car Or Is That Gay AF

    As far as I'm aware, people who name their cars are more prone to road rage. The reason being that they take it more personally if someone cuts them off, for example. It has something to do with the idea that giving an inanimate object a name personifies them a bit. So, in short, you probably...
  9. Carmilla

    Feedback wordfilter pedo/pedophile to nigger

    That would be kinda funny. The problem is, though, that people here will also use "nigger" so it might be hard to tell whether they mean "person who wants to fuck kids" or "racial slur for black person" at first. And these things are retroactive, so some posts might not have enough context to...
  10. Carmilla

    Off-Topic Can you dye your hair unnatural colors without becoming a dangerhair?

    I'd say "yes", but just be prepared for people to think you might be initially. But that's their mistake, not yours.
  11. Carmilla

    Science What we buy can be used to predict our politics, race or education

    Personally I'm not so sure 50-something percent counts as "an effective predictor" when that's literally less than 10% better than a coin flip. But then, maybe I'm the crazy one here.
  12. Carmilla

    What was your first computer?

    Unfortunately, I don't really remember much. All I know is that it was a Windows 3.1 desktop. I only really used it to play some games.
  13. Carmilla

    Spoiled kids cringe aka First World problems

    Wow...and here I thought I was a spoiled, some of these kids really make me wonder about the future.
  14. Carmilla

    Interests Interview with guy kissed by Chris

    I love how everyone here is like "don't give this little shit attention", yet what do you think you're doing by posting in this thread?

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