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    Describe what you think the user above you looks like IRL

    Doomer prepper which has a long ass beard because the nuclear winter is cold
  2. catpin

    So when do you think this merge is gonna end?

    its ending now. this is it luigi.
  3. catpin

    Halle, Germany Shooting

    that door was fucking reinforced with the foreskin magic of a thousand jews. guy didn't know what hit him
  4. catpin

    Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

    Rotten tomato's is a warzone of people who have opinions and people who follow a political bias
  5. catpin

    Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

    Saw the movie. Holy shit it was very fucking good. Its one of those movies you can only see once because if you know what happens it will kinda ruin the true feeling of suprise.
  6. catpin

    Sonichu Christian Weston Chandlers Adult Chronicles

    I tried to make a little sprite thing for the kiwifarms building @Maple . Its pretty shitty tbh but i hope its acceptable! I guess his text could be like: ''I heard the owner of this building is a dog... pretty terrifying!'' ''That green guy over there keeps yelling at me about this julay...
  7. catpin

    Preparing for Merch Run 2019

    A t-shirt with an internet explorer icon with a tophat with a cheesy neon text under it saying: Mad at the internet
  8. catpin

    Chris Chan Catch Up Thread

    Chris died.
  9. catpin

    Act like your avatar!

  10. catpin

    Twitter 9/13 - Brony calls Chris out on RPing, Chris doubles down

    does this mean magichan is a feeder?
  11. catpin

    Best porn star?

  12. catpin

    Sonichu Christian Weston Chandlers Adult Chronicles

    Will the kiwifarms building be a delusion? Or will it be an actual building in chris his world?
  13. catpin

    Meet the creep behind Chris Chan's fundraisers

    i do not believe this person is triple the age of 12. This man either bathes in soy everyday or the account is actually an fbi honeypot.

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