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    The lady looking like harry potter that projared has been sleeping with. if i eat the brain i might learn the cuck spells.
  2. catpin

    Sonichu Sonic the Hedgehog live action trailer

    Is that a jojo reference?
  3. catpin

    Another KickStarter.... this time for a book

    I would love a movie or book about chris chan that isnt a documantry. Sadly chris only attracts dumb exceptional individuals with minimal creativity or by seeing this guys kickstarter, not having the ability to form proper sentences.
  4. catpin

    YT: 4/20 Sonichu Headquarters google intro video

    Good idea Chris! placing benches around your house (if you even are going to place benches.) so total strangers can sit around your garden. totally isn't going to attact those damn dirty trolls.
  5. catpin

    YT: 4/03 Future message from Crystal W Chandler.

    DM'ed @Copitz about it on twitter.
  6. catpin

    Containment What If?

    What if Sonichu was born in the age comics were being invented
  7. catpin

    YT: 4/03 Future message from Crystal W Chandler.

    From dimensional merge to time travel. Everything is possible with the power of autism.
  8. catpin

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    1000 pages of pure autism. We may have a problem.
  9. catpin

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    I cant believe Chris supports shooters now.
  10. catpin

    Chris Chan Exposed

    Seems like his twitter account got hacked too.
  11. catpin

    morons on youtube who talk about chris

    This is from the Gibi discord. Prepare for chris jerking off by these faggots to the extreme
  12. catpin

    this is my youtube channel

    The true final boss in the t-series vs pewdiepie fight

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