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    YT 3/13 - Chris shopping at GameStop

    Maybe, with Chris semi-notoriety, they didn't want to risk any kind backlash because of banning a little, poor autistic snowflake tranny. Of course, we know it was well-fucking-deserved, but in the world we live in now, some media could try to spin the story in Chris' favor, despite the out of...
  2. Chrus Chundlur

    YT 03/07/19 - Fan sends Chris a Switch

    Occamchu's razor: If it's Chris, the most pants-shittingly stupid explanation is more likely to be correct.
  3. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    And as always, he expects everybody to automatically understand whatever ancient and absurdly obscure delirium he is babbling about.
  4. Chrus Chundlur

    3/11 - Chris Believes That MewTwo is Sick, Asks for Prayers

    There is the thing about the C64 being a computer, not a console, but well, Chris is allergic to making sense. It's also funny that for such a mary suesque mongo-power trip he choose an ancient system with a millionth of the processing power of the cheapest current system. In some way it's...
  5. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Well, anything that keeps Chris from shitting himself is an improvement.
  6. Chrus Chundlur

    Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread

    What I don't understand is how the authorities doesn't force a mongo of this caliber to wear a helmet 24/7 for his own safety.
  7. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    You can't compare some rando's fanart with a real life, tangible passport to China like he thought Megan was, or Blanca, the first woman to explicitly express romantic interest in him. He really has a shitty memory, I bet any run of the mill CWCki-browsing sperg like us has a better...
  8. Chrus Chundlur

    Twitter 3/13 - Chris talks about a brony pedo (Zak Kayes/ToonKriticY2K)

    He sure as fuck has no clue about age-related content... he knows gore is not ok because he is (or likes to think he is) a kumbaya faggot and apologized for the asperpedia trial gore (still, trolls "made him do it"), but he doesn't see anything wrong with all the sexual debauchery and ungodly...
  9. Chrus Chundlur

    YT 03/07/19 - Fan sends Chris a Switch

    AND Hex-Box One. Maybe it's some kind of mongo-brand loyalty, or that if he doesn't buy it five times he hurts Sonic's feelings. Or maybe it's only him being a goddamn moron without any further motivation.
  10. Chrus Chundlur

    YT 3/13 - Chris shopping at GameStop

    Maybe he "needs" it so he can trade Pokey men with himself like the lonely, lonely manchild he is. Wouldn't be the first time.
  11. Chrus Chundlur

    Interests Twitter 3/14 - Chris wants his house to be a PokeStop

    Chris says he hates the Cwcki, but sure as fuck is convenient when he can't be arsed to memorize his father's birthday or when he died or when he need to link that nonsense. Or when he was so monumentally lazy than he directed his e-girlfriends to it to learn about him instead of, you know...
  12. Chrus Chundlur

    YT 3/13 - Chris shopping at GameStop

    Sheesh, it's like Chris is alergic to making sense. At least there is no Sonic Forces for that system (he bought the same fucking game for Ps4, Xbox One and Switch for whatever idiotic reason). Otherwise he would buy it for the 2DS and the 3DS and end up with five copies of the same...
  13. Chrus Chundlur

    Money Financhu Crisis / Chris sells his stuff megathread

    I don't know who buyed that literal trash, but I know his parents are disappointed with him. As for Chris, now he can use the money to buy the same sanic game three times again. With the Switch at least he has the "portable" excuse (so he can not play the game anywhere!), but buying the same...
  14. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Maybe there is some new 'tard talking to Chris on Discord like "Im Magichan, Mewtwo is sick, lol" and the plan is to make it "die" so Chris chimps the fuck out.

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