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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    That issue really is something else... it is a pretty good window to Chris mental decline. It is so fucking disjointed, moronic, nonsensical and depraved (even by Chris standards) that it makes you wonder if he drew it under severe head trauma while inhaling the fumes of a tire yard fire. It...
  2. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    Wait, I'm confused... so the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?
  3. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    Poor bastard wasn't even sure he came. He described it himself as "half-felt" and had to check for navy in the condom. He acknowledged it once. In the mid of a begging rant, he waved his hands around all his plastic trinkets on the background and angrily demanded us to "IGNORE" it. He really...
  4. Chrus Chundlur

    Money Chris's eBay account is gone

    I bet if Chris had to work 4 hours a week he would complain and moan every minute of it and then tweet about it all the time like if it was some kind of herculean task. Then the next big bad on Sonichu would be "Manageruon, the king of manajerks" (but we would know about it from random tweets...
  5. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    "Can someone screencap what this goddamn moron said so I can laugh at him?" Meaning of the tweet flies over Chris' head ➡️ Like
  6. Chrus Chundlur

    Money Chris's eBay account is gone

    Apparently, he can earn up to x ammount while keeping the tugboat at the same time. I think the purpose of the tugboat to begin with is to suplement a mongojob if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Chrus Chundlur

    Money Chris's eBay account is gone

    Or why does everybody assume he has to work with the public? Of course he couldn't hold that kind of job, but there are thousands of jobs (and 'tard jobs) when you don't have to interact or even as much as see customers. Chris should be (although is more fun that he is not) thrown into a mine...
  8. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    When Chris refers to that as "outdated imagery of one's bath" I bet it is "outdated" because it got 10-more-years-worth-of-neglect nastier.
  9. Chrus Chundlur

    06/16- Chris reminisces about Bob

    And how oblivious to that Chris is, to the point of including that terribly sad video on a dvd celebrating his inflated ego life. Bob just feels so defeated on that video. Like just going along with all of Chris bullshit hoping to get it over as soon as possible. I find specially sad Bob...
  10. Chrus Chundlur

    Containment Random Chris Updates

    How the fuck thinking it is saturday equates "Beginning of a Week"? Is he forgetting how weeks work? Wouldn't surprise me.
  11. Chrus Chundlur

    06/16- Chris reminisces about Bob

    The imbecile probably doesn't even remember, but not that long ago when BLARMS and dimension merge bullshit intertwined, he argued that retcons did hurt, and badly, the retconned character on our sister, faggotier dimension. But hey, the original design takes him like...a minute longer to...
  12. Chrus Chundlur

    06/13- YT: Believe in the OCs and Deities!

    Chris should be careful, because whoever he thinks is Jesus is obviously (for anyone without face blindness and rampant autism) some random asian guy on a cheap wig and a shoddy fake beard. He literally says that 3.5 billion will die in the merge. Everybody indeed :story: It's funny how he...
  13. Chrus Chundlur

    Twitter 6/13 - Chris says, according to Jesus, dimensional merge will be finished soon

    What if all the times on the bible when god demands livestock sacrifice was because he needed money to buy some Little Big Planet dlc? 🤔
  14. Chrus Chundlur

    Twitter 6/12 - Chris tries to justify being unemployed by claiming he has a job overseeing the Dimensional Merge

    "I'm not getting a job, I tried a couple times more than a decade ago and being told what to do hurt my feelings, also, I'm too busy sitting at home making constipated faces while straining what's left of my brains trying to think what a cartoon horsie would say and then convincing myself that...
  15. Chrus Chundlur

    Twitter 6/11 - Chris wonders if his wordplay joke is funny or offensive

    - Chris, who is nearing 40, wastes his time watching ancient cartoons nobody cares about anymore made for toddlers - He thinks that mishearing "Yay" for "Gay" is somehow some clever "wordplay" - Then he thinks this important matter warrants national debate and a referendum. I really don't...

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