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  • The fact that your friend thought any of this would go over well, then got upset when it didn't and people doxxed him shows exactly why he was the wrong person to attempt something like this in the first place.

    pozload my neghole you get stinky fingers m8
    Well being a normie earned him good faith to film as much as he did. But it also made him overzealous, so it's a double edged sword. I tried to warn him about many things including the kick and he told me i was too concerned with Kiwi cause you weren't his target audience. He's since "disassociated" with me because of my old troll site, so i'll see it whenever you see it.
    Welcome to Kiwifarms, please dont attempt to touch or fling poop. Null, his merry bunch of men, and the gremlin horde that live here have been trained by Indian Space Force Superpooers to launch Nuclear Poop Rockets at any time at your location for such infringements.

    Thank you, please come again
    Look pal, you were better off keeping this more under wraps until your project was 90% complete.

    Here at Kiwi, most of us hate newer Chris content.
    Understandable, wasn't my choice tbh. I am still confident in the footage Joseph got, that it will entertain people here, i'm not taking it personally and i still hope everyone here gets to see it. I'm not surprised at all by the reaction i been here for years tho i lurk more than i post, I'm just relaying what i can for Joseph. I'm from Lolokaust why would i care about any of this.
    Is it just the kickstarter that is cancelled or the entire thing?
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