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    How do I avoid becoming Lolcow

    Be nice to people. There are people on this website who’s threads have died because they behaved in a sensible manner alongside being eccentric.
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    Well Written LGBT+ Characters

    Multiple Metal Gear characters could be mentioned here if not already, if someone else wants to pick a few to discuss, since my details on them have gotten fuzzy.
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    Plagued (Previously known as /r/incels)

    It was being argued that it was the other way around. Many incels vapid hatred of women and insinuation they are “too good” for women is a way of coping with not coming to terms with their homosexuality. I don’t believe a man prison raping another inmate falls under incel territory because most...
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    Crystal Maye Franks / Chibiyama / FantasyMiracle1990

    It is really interesting to see how you haven’t been threadbanned yet.
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    Plagued (Previously known as /r/incels)

    What is this called? Reverse child-free? If every woman who isn’t fertile is depressed then theoretically 10-15% of all women should be, when in reality it’s less than 3% across the board. Vice would definitely write this article however.
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    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    Is it against Twitter’s policy to ask people to mass falsely report accounts? Not that they actually care about their website. I think he believes the “chemical castration” she is speaking of somehow requires the removal of genitals? Either that or, he’s just using words that he knows grab...
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    Plagued (Previously known as /r/incels)

    “Sex toy won’t make me my tendies”
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    Cosplay Momokun / Momokun Cosplay / Mariah Mallad / M3rkat / Meeka / "Moomoo" / "Thicc Samus"

    It would only take her about $30 to make her hair look like it didn’t turn into one of her wigs. That $30 is now being spent on ice cream.
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    Vaginal Repellents

    Shaving and then putting on a pair of silk or fleece pants is a luxury that all should indulge in at least once tbh
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    Furry Art Freak Show

    You know, if you wouldn’t have specified this was a child, I would have assumed this was micro porn. It’s amazing how that would have been the less gross option.
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    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    The stress has already begun. If they were in government housing Chris would most likely brag or complain about it, as he cited his tugboat being too low to pay for shipping for a fursuit kit earlier. They are clearly not homeless. They would be begging if that was the case.
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    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    None of Chris’s other exes have come back to him. If Ben finds another person to live with him (as he says he needs constant emotional support), their relationship is useless to him. Ben pays rent, and buys his own groceries per Chris himself. He is more independent and technically adult...
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    People that border being an LOLCow but have yet to cross it?

    All users of this website
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    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    In which Chris makes himself look bad in an attempt to clear his name by posting his conversation with Ignisthekitty aka Cutekittymap: (on mobile, can’t archive) Ironic how he allegedly supports his transgender child bride...
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    Chris Whiteman / @spawzfolf / SheerSnowLeopard & "Benjamin" March / LovelyDeer118 / PurpleDeerNerd

    “Perhaps if I scream loudly not to look at me, no one will look.”

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