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    Last Image You Saved

    Definition of a lolcow.
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    Reveal something totally unexpected about yourself

    I really fucking love leisure type shit like bowling, billiards, and darts. It’s like the perfect way to spend a night out for me.
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    Theme songs Or maybe Depends on my mood.
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    Arin Hanson / Egoraptor / Grump

    The actual design of the frames themselves aren’t terrible. If they were cheaper and they had better color options they’d actually be somewhat nice. Yeah, pretty much anything marketed for “gamers” is just a cheap Chinese knockoff of another, better quality item with an inflated price tag and...
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    Pour one out for yo nigga Dynastia

    Maybe he tossed a boomerang at a kangaroo he though looked particularly thicc and he didn’t catch it in time when it came back. The most noble death an Abbo can have. F
  6. Count groudon

    What's the worst thing that could happen to the Farms?

    Null is revealed to be a two foot tall dwarf riding around a on prosthetic body. Sensing weakness, all the trannies we laugh at on here hunt him down, rape him to death, and punt his small shriveled corpse into the ocean. ...or null realizes how autistic all this shit is, shuts the farms...
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    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    But the dwarves were actually really smart and hard working though. Even this guy was intelligent and capable enough to rig up some spider legs to haul his bloated ass around. Bob can’t even make chicken without doing something stupid to fuck it up
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    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    He’s so fucking fat that anytime those sausage links he calls fingers sumo stomp the keys on his phone the letters get squished on his screen.
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    Self Defense in the UK

    If ya really wanna fuck somebody up you should get a nice thick roll of coins. Bash someone upside the skull with the bottom just right and they’ll be on the ground writhing in pain.
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    Matthew Patrick / "MatPat" / @MatPatGT / The Game Theorists / The Film Theorists

    I hate this video so fucking much. Every single fucking time I finally forget about it, it always pops back up to shred away at my sanity. It’s almost lovecraftian.
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    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    Isn’t that just the plot of GTA San Andreas but without all the fun parts?
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    Stupid things you thought as a kid

    Some kid told me that if you drew a triangle in the sand and left it there overnight aliens would show up and fuck with you while you were asleep. Literally panicked any time I saw something even vaguely triangular in the sand and would furiously kick the everloving shit out of it until it was...
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    Pour one out for yo nigga Dynastia

    It seems that in his departure, everyone went insane trying to comprehend Dyn’s 4D chess-tier thinking and started a massive slap fight. His final act of fuckery. God bless you, You dirty aboriginal motherfucker you.
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    Last Image You Saved

    Thought wizzrobes were cute till I saw this.
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    Random Pics and Gifs

    Holy shit, I’ve been looking for this comic forever! Thank you :heart-full:

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