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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    And the leaks themselves don't even have any bombshells, it's just they were leaked out of spite, just to send a message.
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    Artcow Shädbase / Shädman / Shaddai 'Shadman' Prejean

    You'd think his instagram photos would be an easy reason for the media to blow up and child services to head on over, but nope, not a peep. Well you just posted in here so.... :evil:
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    Culture Youtube gonna be tougher with content control, working with organizations such as ADL

    Well I mean it's plausible, since Google Ideas was created. And staffed with many lolcows/ratkings on this site. They eventually rebranded to Jigsaw, then were moved under Alphabet, Googles parent company. Interestingly Jigsaw isn't listed under Alphabet in linkedin, and the staff roster seems...
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    Plagued Islamophiles / Regressive Left

    Yeah and this isn't some random Twitter convo. The people saying these things are women I've met in RL, who are school teachers and social workers.
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    Gross ChelHellBunny

    the /cgl/ thread says Air Gear, be ready with your Islamic ratings
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    Dumb Shit on Wikipedia

    If wikipedia gets flack from a mainstream news site, guess who is going under the "untrusted media outlet" list. Looking at most of the top people editing, approving this shit and the way they like to tend towards pointless verbosity in their writing like a basement dwelling intellectual...
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    Culture "Plus Size" Korean models challenge Asian "Beauty Norms"

    Being half white means she probably has a heavier build, instead of the slight build Asians usually have. It's probably not even her fault, and probably weighs in just fine.
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    Dumb Shit on Wikipediaë_Quinn 2 pages of talk on how Zoe Quinn should be Zoë Quinn. After she changed her Twitter name. But it turns out, Zoe changed her mind later and decided Zöe Quinn was cooler.
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    TGWTG Nostalgia Chick / Lindsay Ellis / TheDudette

    America has been fucking with the middle east for over 50 years, partly due to making sure US dollars are the Oil trade currency, and partly to secure Israel as the dominant power in the region. Without America to fund send aid, provide intelligence and logistical support, Israel wouldn't be...
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    WhatPumpkin, LLC / Homestuck, Inc. : Chuck Tingle, Andrew Hussie and Friends

    So whats the TLDR version, Hussie becomes moderately successful and then in an attempt to make money and hang with the "cool kids" invites all the infamous internet people that tend to leech off of others creativity and hard work until the whole thing is sucked dry and then they run off with...
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    Inactive Alison Rapp / Maria Mint / 123grapeman

    This sort of shit amazes me, there are shitloads of girls on Patreon who do this stuff, and some don't even show anything, and they still get showered with money.
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    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Now someone decided to leak Trumps private phone calls to the foreign powers because fuck Trump I guess. The ends justify the means.
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    British Popo: Going to the Gym & Having a Social Life Sign of Right Wing Extremist

    I feel like this would've been a more effective campaign if it targetting young people being groomed for ISIS, instead of people drawing pepe on walls and such.

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