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    Cursed Images

    This scene was conspicuously absent from the movie...!
  2. Curt Sibling

    UN Chinese admiral claims Beijing could sink two aircraft carriers for South China Sea

    (Just my humble opinion) If it came to the Chinese actually wishing to commit national suicide and attacking the USN, they'd break out the tactical nukes. It's the only way to make a deadly statement of killing an American super-carrier. But after that, the Allies would toast them.
  3. Curt Sibling

    What does Google think that avatar is?

    I'm glad it didn't come up with "hentai".
  4. Curt Sibling

    UN Chinese admiral claims Beijing could sink two aircraft carriers for South China Sea

    The USA has the strategic capabilities, China has not. Your salty rating doesn't change the facts.
  5. Curt Sibling

    UN Chinese admiral claims Beijing could sink two aircraft carriers for South China Sea

    Admiral micro-dick should remember that America can blast the Chinese ant infestation off the map in a matter of days.
  6. Curt Sibling

    Happy New Year, Kiwis!

    Armageddon is assured. Enjoy your time.
  7. Curt Sibling

    Der Reichsführer-SS wishes the Farms an Happy New Year!

    Himmler was a shitty leader and a joke who hurled chunks at the sight of firing squads. Happy new year anyway, you autist roleplayer.
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    Cursed Images

    Dear incoming asteroids. Fucking eradicate this species now.
  9. Curt Sibling

    Horrorcow Farrah F'n Flawless / Pauly Unstoppable / Paul R Mowery

    Simply ignoring this demented DNA disaster would be the most effective way to cure it.
  10. Curt Sibling

    Disaster America's Oldest Veteran Passes Away at 112

    This guy was a hero. Fuck the Japanazis.
  11. Curt Sibling

    David Sherratt / Spinosauruskin / "Shitrat" / Hardon for Assad / Alternative Facts / @discordspies

    This imbecile is a great example of how drinking corn-syrup and vodka while pregnant is never a good idea.
  12. Curt Sibling

    Random Videos Thread

    "Transgender woman yells at GameStop employee about misgendering." Translation: "Mentally broken autist yells at overworked pleb about web-drama idiocy. "
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    Random Pics and Gifs

    Prussian army performing the annual pony hunt, Upper Silesia, 1871.
  14. Curt Sibling

    Disaster Members of Indonesian Pop Band Seventeen Killed After Tsunami Hits Concert

    Definitely some new wave death metal being played there.

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