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  1. damian

    High Guardian Spice

    There aren’t enough rainbows and Xs in the world to describe how :story: this is.
  2. damian

    Infected #Comicsgate

    I can only hope WC is so exceptional they accidentally an hero themselves.
  3. damian

    Jennifer Lynn Hunt / ljmontello / Professional Contrarian / J.Lyn.Hunt / Illia Sadri / Little Lady in Tokyo / The Sensible Progressive

    Christopher Lee Dalton / jackblackadder / thedemifiend ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Carla Sue Oakman / Teneshi /LadyTeneshi / Mythros They married in 2005, were apart by 2007 according to Carla's LJ posts. They...
  4. damian

    Jennifer Lynn Hunt / ljmontello / Professional Contrarian / J.Lyn.Hunt / Illia Sadri / Little Lady in Tokyo / The Sensible Progressive

    Wrong guy. Our guy looks more child molester-y but still isn't one. Edit: Ninja'd
  5. damian


    @JosephTX #2 - Colleen Carroll
  6. damian


  7. damian

    Sea Salt Mine

    His cowish-ness doesn't have to do with MBA. MBA will most likely get a thread eventually, his ETIKA saga was :story:.
  8. damian


    Make it into a proper post, not just quotes. Checkem
  9. damian


    @ShortRound #8 - Gregory Scott Aryes #9 -Samuel Harris Johnson -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Immaculate Ape #1 - Sara Allison Bachmeyer #2 & #3 - Tessa (Theresa) Marie Yost & Libby (Elizabeth) Helene Yost
  10. damian

    Sea Salt Mine

    I don't know why you censored his name, but this guy is pretty cowish: "He's using words, you use! DO SOMETHING!":
  11. damian

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    I'm putting you on a 24 hour wait period for Doxedex updates.
  12. damian

    Weeb Wars / Animegate / #kickvic / #vickicksback

    Are you purposely waiting until I finish posting the previous Doxedex to drop another dox? >:^(
  13. damian

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    "Mr. Toy" he even flubs his own client's name

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