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    He doesn't understand this nonsense and he resents being a part of it.

    He doesn't understand this nonsense and he resents being a part of it.
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    Twitter - Chris roleplaying as Magi-Chan megathread

    Isn't this the man who burned the bridges he had with normal people close to his own age who were somehow able to tolerate his autism in small bursts in order to hang out with trannys teens who used him for drugs, a man who scammed him for thousands of dollars, and an even bigger, grosser sped...
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    Celebrity Lena Dunham

    I hate Lena, but I love finding out more about her fucked up family. Not only is it satisfying to see this New York upper crust artsy liberal family go so far into sniffing their own farts that they have genetically dead-ended themselves, but every snippet helps recreate the train wreck that got...
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    Careercow Narcissa Wright / Cosmo Wright

    A couple things puzzle me about this. First, why are they doing Kickstarter and not Indigogo? They will not reach $50,000, and if they don't they will not get any of the donated money. Even if Cosmo is stupid and delusional enough to think he'll totally make that money, why would this...
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    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    I would pay money to see a young hot short-telomerased flat-bill turn Lucas over his knee and spank him like a small child. I can think of few things funnier than the fat balding pedophile caterwauling and farting with each blow. It'd be disgusting for the guy, of course, but he would be a hero...
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    Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg

    The unexpected retirement and new doctor search reek of being rejected and doctor shopping, but at the same time Anna was so elated and manic after she announced the date of her second surgery. I wonder if she didn't mange to munchie herself out of it by giving herself cellulitis and the doctor...
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    Disaster A New Romantic Solution for Lonely Men: Romance Tours Exclusively for Introverts

    I feel like that would be a nice middle ground solution. Incels can have their bride, but they have to take their money and go live in the places that produced these women. Seems like a win-win.
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    Disaster A New Romantic Solution for Lonely Men: Romance Tours Exclusively for Introverts

    I mean it makes sense. If you're a garbage man, go for a woman who lives in poverty and who's standards are so low their only requirement is "he doesn't beat me... too often." But for society, bring in a bunch of third world, often uneducated and socially passive women to help foster a truly...
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    Disaster Jeffery Epstein has comitted suicide What a surprise, he signed a new will 2 days before he died. Congrats to the DNC for their new and totally unexpected cash infusion!
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    Congrats on getting to see your avatar happen IRL! It's a rare thing when that happens, Null...

    Congrats on getting to see your avatar happen IRL! It's a rare thing when that happens, Null should give you special points.
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    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    I'm more interested in why he was silent for a little while. Do you think he raged so much his tard handlers took his phone away and maybe put him in a short hold?
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    Cultcow Russell Greer / @theofficialinstaofrussellgreer

    Do you think the dentist had to call and tell him to please wash his hair before he came into the office? Jesus Christ he's annoying. All he does is repeat >muh disability regardless of situation or context. No one cares Russel.
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    Portland is weird megathread

    In terms of antifa or politics in general? If a democrat is elected and went through with decriminalising the border, thus destroying the sovereignty of the US and effectively rendering it a non-nation state, I would get off my ass. I know this makes me a huge faggot, but I actually like the US...
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    Trainwreck ForeverKailyn / SincerelyKailyn / kmwbeauty / Kailyn Marie Hughes/Wilcher

    This confuses me. I think there's an item of clothing between her boobs and her leggings, but it really looks like she has her leggings hiked all the way to her chest, like some kind of horrible lovechild of Steve Urkel and Gondola.
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    Colt Seidman / Colton Seidman / Colt Issac / selfmadecolt / Laura Ellyn Seidman

    There was a town in Florida in the late 1800's/early 1900's that was populated entirely by side show freaks and carnies during the off season. The local post office even had a small counter specifically for all the dwarfs to use. We should revive that, only with lolcows.

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