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    not bad
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    Ladies and gentleman, we got him

    Wikihow artists aren't exactly known for their talents or accuracy.
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    Fanfiction tropes you hate

    Fanfics that sucker you in for one character, but as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious they're trying to flaunt their OC rather than the god damn reason you started reading in the first place under the false promise of smut.
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    Best smells?

    Old books and New books. Something about fresh paper is nice.
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    Kiwi Women

    Yeah, I'm a GIRL. G uy I n R eal L ife
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    Russian Roulette

    You know the lot you draw when you see the username
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    Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal and remakes HeartGold and SoulSilver

    My first Pokemon game was blue. No, not that blue. There you go. Having no knowledge of Pokemon, I took the quiz and got totodile as my man, and picked cyndaquil as my partner. Years later, I play my 3rd mainline Pokemon game, soul silver, pick up totodile, and find that feraligatr is...
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    World Australian women attacked by angry alpaca

    Alpaca's are pretty nice, it's llama's that are the biggest bitches in the barn. Some cattle farmers forgo dogs for llama's because they will chase after coyotes and spit fury. Alpacas can also be dicks, but god damn, their fur is fucking amazing shit. Class A fire retardant, 4x warmer than...
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    Feminists Shamed for Eating Eggs Because Chickens Are Women, Too

    This is just another attempt by PETA to stir shit. They believe any publicity is good publicity. They've been doing this since 1999 when they suggested college students drink beer instead of "Rape tard cum". Went about as well as you expected.
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    Cheap Gifts That Have Improved Your Life

    A dash cam. So many American drivers don’t bother with it, but it will pay itself back a dozen times over when road ragers try to dick you over and insurance wants to undercut you. People behave when they know they’re on camera, be them police, angry drivers, or thugs.
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    I need fucking headphones

    Those cheap, foldable, Sony ones may not be the best, but they've lasted me years
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    is drawing porn for deviants a good source of income

    Yes. It depends how far you go with it though. Appealing to furries ensures some cash. Once you get a steady stream of furries commissions, you can start using that pay off monthly rent by itself. Generally the more disgusting the content, the more you make. This is of course, the bare minimum...
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    "That guy" tabletop stories

    I'm a fan of shapeshifters, and getting to play as them is a rarity reserved for a small selection of games, D&D being one of them. I often play a changeling and naturally, never tell the party while being the secret trap card of the group. Bard is a favorite of mine because anything I cant...

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