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    How has Subway survived this long?

    Y've never seen a Subway until you've seen an interstate Subway. Lonely, desolate places. Far from any town of note, let alone proper civilization. "Eat Fresh" they promise. It's a promise like a kiss that turns into a vampire bite as you walk in the door and the stink hits you like the...
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    Drunk/High Thread

    Two times in a row I plan to have edibles and eat ice cream, and the store is not stocking my ice cream. It is the first of May, neither 4/20 nor April Fools'! Mother hasn't time for such foolishness! anyway peanut m&ms aren't a bad substitute Billy West is the voice of the red one but they...
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    Avengers: Endgame

    Yeah, amazing, except he could of just jinxed a pinecone up Thanos's pooper and popped the glove off like the head fag at a fistfuck! Guy controls vast cosmic forces and he CAN'T penetrate a mortal being's butthole? Not buying it for a second.
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    mens lingerie big balls

    mens lingerie big balls
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    I reckon, mm-hmm.

    I reckon, mm-hmm.
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    Disaster Interesting clickbait, op-eds, fluff pieces and other smaller stories

    The utter confusion I had when I thought they were depicting suspect and victim side-by-side and they had the same face.
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    Fitness YouTube Promotes Binge Eating

    A health channel shouldn't encourage unhealthy behaviors. By showing 10k calorie days, they're saying "this is okay". It doesn't matter that they say "this is okay but only if you look like a Greek god". Nobody hears the second part of any statement after you give them permission to do...
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    Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage

    Tell you what. Give whatever money you just printed to the blacks, I'll take their 40 acres and a mule. A mule can serve a man in at least six ways, and I bet there's some I haven't thought of.
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    Disaster "The Squad" Megathread

    If AOC runs a national campaign on a similar platform, I'll pay attention.
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    Judge rules museum 'rightfully owns' Nazi-looted painting

    You can get a giclee of any famous painting for $40, I don't know who they're trying to fool with this "priceless art" crap. Check out, Jews, they have copies of all your stolen stuff!
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    IAAF rules against Caster Semenya; rules she'll require hormone treat to compete against women on the international stage

    If a naturally high-T woman is barred from competing until she regulates her hormones, would a low-T man be allowed to compete if his hormone profile matched the average female runner? If all they care about is the level of hormones and not the gender of the competitor, why not test everyone's...
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    Share Your School Stories

    Finally an animal-related prank that beats the numbered pigs
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    Disaster "The Squad" Megathread

    He must be one of those people who thinks just because the Jews own most of the porn industry that they'll treat it like every other industry they own and relentlessly promote their own politics. In short, anti-Semitism!
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    Twitch-streamers banned; Cosplayer: 'Call me Daddy'

    It's a shame Nasim couldn't aim, she might have prompted a serious discussion about internet companies randomly fucking with people's income.
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    Avengers: Endgame

    It's not plot-breaking or anything but they've got 5.5 hours to tell a story, you might as well make sure the epic villain of 20+ movies has a plan that holds up to internet sperg logic.

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