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    Thing that personally piss you off.

    I've had people do this while my fucking car was right behind them. They should be glad I don't own a gun.
  2. drtoboggan

    Kyle Anthony "Kylie / Cassandra / Jesse" Brooks / queerdykekylie

    I find his over explaining funny (excessive explanation of things).
  3. drtoboggan

    Disaster Notre Dame cathedral burns down

    Some Puerto Rican guy. Nevermind. That's for missing kids.
  4. drtoboggan

    Science Fecal transplants led to long-term reduction in autism symptoms, study reports

    I have just one thing to say about this: dookie.
  5. drtoboggan

    Really basic things you can't do or didn't know

    Are you just standing here selling everything?
  6. drtoboggan

    Really basic things you can't do or didn't know

    I'm telling every Red Sea Pedestrian I know "happy Tupac Shakur" now.
  7. drtoboggan

    Dramacow Romeo Rose / Larramie "Larry" Houston Busby

    Babydick Larramie can barely play guitar. My sister's dick plays guitar better than he does.
  8. drtoboggan

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @officialinstaofrussellgreer

    This is true. I can speak Spanish without an accent and I'm not even fluent. Slurpy is just being a whiny bitch.
  9. drtoboggan

    Trainwreck Samantha Violet Bushart

    That's probably Clarnce typing in his sleep.
  10. drtoboggan

    Lolcow Timothy "TJ" Church / Cowlick

    Good point. He's probably worse in person with the biting.
  11. drtoboggan

    Lolcow Timothy "TJ" Church / Cowlick

    He lives with his aunt? Guess mom had enough of his shit. He probably told her he was smarter than her one too many times.
  12. drtoboggan

    Trainwreck Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe

    Whoever made this is an AIDS faggot. Doubly so if it was you.
  13. drtoboggan

    Lolcow Timothy "TJ" Church / Cowlick

    And ego. Don't forget ego. It's funny because he has nothing to be egotistical about. The only person who agrees with his statements is his mom, and that's out of pity.
  14. drtoboggan

    War There's a Decades-Old Boner War Raging Inside Nudist Camps

    Gay Guardian sounds like the name of a fabulous superhero.
  15. drtoboggan

    Disaster Accusations Of Sexual Predation Shake Pokémon YouTube Community

    When Pokemon first came out, anyone my age (high school) that was into it got their asses beat. I miss those days.

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