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    Why did you join Kiwifarms?

    Joined up sometime around Shmorkygate (I'd heard murmurs of the place but being able to talk shit about the mods dumb crap finally was nice) and when the website got shut down cause of vordrak I assumed it was dead for a year and ended up finding out it was back up sometime shortly after Trump...
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    Disaster Review units of Samsung's $2,000 Galaxy Fold are already breaking

    Look at me sitting here still using my Note 2 like some type of madman.
  3. Ebonic Tutor

    Social Justice Warriors

    lol wut... I don't think they exactly understand unknown eldritch horrors all that well or even just seeing some real fucked up shit IRL.
  4. Ebonic Tutor

    Disaster Woman caught on video tossing a plastic bag full of puppies near a trash bin

    Lot of people seem to be thinking she left them in the dumpster, and the picture doesn't help matters. But from what the article actually says she left them behind it. Still stupid shitty, but slightly less so.
  5. Ebonic Tutor

    Culture JDS Megathread

    Araki is really slipping up with this new story arc. Sorry, I'm just compelled to make JJBA references every time I see that damn name pop up in this thread. :(
  6. Ebonic Tutor

    Disaster Woman caught on video tossing a plastic bag full of puppies near a trash bin

    He had a pretty rough go in life when he was young and kind of shaped him as a person from what I recall.
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    reddit General

    That's totally understandable, just makes me think some places in Asia and Eastern Europe would probably not care even if it was less severe than brain-damage.
  8. Ebonic Tutor

    reddit General

    I mean it's not like what I'm saying is completely unheard of either. It's the post so take that as you will but harvesting from people who could potentially survive isn't exactly...
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    reddit General

    Sometimes people that are okay and go in for something fairly minor end up dying in suspect manner and then it's all like, "oh hey this rich fuck over here needed an organ and this guy that just died matches, huh fancy that". A chunk of the people that are against it have a fear, maybe it's...
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    Infected Something Awful and Friends

    Perfectly logical since troons can't have the real thing.
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    Law The Mueller Report

    I thought the theory was that it was Baron that was the time traveler cause of some old book about a kid named Baron Trump that has the same little smirk in the illustration on the cover. Image with the connections...
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    Political polarization sparks confrontation at Starbucks, triggering online fury

    Same, but search your heart and you'll know it's the truth.
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    Political polarization sparks confrontation at Starbucks, triggering online fury

    Big as that ass probably is that's honestly kinda impressive.
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    If we get into End song choices? or is it just going to basically be all... Roundabout I Want You Freak'n You With the last two swapped around according to taste and when you were born?
  15. Ebonic Tutor

    Law White Man Gets 10 Years in Prison for Trying to Hire Hit Man to Lynch Black Neighbor

    Yeah you're not getting a legit hit on somebody for less than $10k I'd wager.

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