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    Day 94

    we're finally free
  2. fat

    Dramacow Jayden Sky Desino / Rebecca Marie Kiley / jaydensky89 / theatrechic89 / drumgeek678

    holy fuck that facemask imagine being as fat, disgusting, and unattractive as her, smearing your face with something that literally looks like fresh shit, and feeling the need to take a photograph and then post said photograph on social media for all to see and then top it all off and have...
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    Let's Go Outside!!!

    That leg smack says it all. Rock fucking solid, pure muscle mass. Giant arms that make Arnold himself blush. Core so shredded the muscle has to pile up and grow outwards in rolls. Amber has unlocked the secrets of peak human performance.
  4. fat

    100 Days of Weighing In | Days 5-7

    Cooking 1st meal of the day and is planning a mukba... Sorry, an eat with me. First weight in: 562.6 lb (+.2 from yesterday) Blames weight fluctuation on not getting much sleep, but considers it a victory regardless. 4 or 5 days of waking up early, and she loves it. Cleans the kitchen and...
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    Cook with me

    I did give her credit by saying that I think she should focus on low calorie over anything else, and that this was better than her usual fair. But let's be real. How many times have we done this exact song and dance? She makes small, insignificant changes (that she cannot maintain) under the...
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    Cook with me

    "I haven't been having any sweets for like... Well, it's been a while." While holding a box of Yasso frozen Greek yoghurt bars. Autistic nutritional sperging: a Yasso bar is a fucking sweet. It might be a lower calorie sweet, but it's still a sweet. I looked up the nutritional information on...
  7. fat

    Gorl is live on youtube 4/19/19

    Enter the stream, see that somebody has donated 50 dollars, exit the stream. Even some kiwis have fallen for this latest weight loss song and dance. I know I shouldn't be surprised at this point, but I still am. The cycle continues ad nauseum.
  8. fat

    Artberlynn: A gallery for art and such inspired by our favorite gorl.

    Every time she is compared to a GPK, I get a little chuckle so I decided to do my own. I might color it in à la Art Spiegelman later if I am feeling autistic enough.
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    this is difficult... 04/18/2019

    Was confused at first when she said she had a "workout song". Why would you just listen to a single song on loop while you exercise? And then I remembered that it's Amber and she "works out" for 30 seconds max. What a joke.
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    Random Tumblr posts

    The lizard person rhetoric comes from the idea that those jokes were originally made against Jewish people, describing them as non-human, and so making those jokes about somebody is anti-Semitic. Doubly so because Zuckerberg is a Jew- irregardless of the fact that people are making fun of him...
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    The vibe of this video is incredible, so strong, I could only watch about 10 seconds of it. A mountain of sausages and a completely plain potato being eaten off what looks like a wobbly board game box. Powerful shit.
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    Change of plans 3/15/19

    Said as though she wouldn't use everything else under the sun as an excuse for her actions, contrary to her behavior for the last 20 years? Don't forget that the other reasons she is fat are: her mom, her brother, Crystal, Dusty, Becky, Eric, Ricky, God himself, the state of Kentucky, stress...
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    Change of plans 3/15/19

    I don't necessarily disagree with what you're saying re: BED sufferers will not want to be associated with Amber, but there are shitters in every group, that's how life is. Autists don't want to be associated with Chris. Anorexics don't want to be associated with Ashley Isaacs. Most autists...
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    Change of plans 3/15/19

    Her being a binge eater or not doesn't matter. All that matters is that she's a fat bitch who eats enough food to balloon herself up to immobility. Who gives a shit about the technical name of her fat bitch disease?
  15. fat

    Change of plans 3/15/19

    Casual summary: Smug Amber is the worst Amber. So smug yet so round. Let it be known people: she is fat because she binges, NOT because she eats a serving of mashed potatoes that would feed a family of 5. Get your facts straight boo boo! Becky bailed on Amber for a few days for Georgia and...

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