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    Where I post all my TTS threads for you to laugh at (Null said it was OK! No ban plz)

    This is 20 minutes of my life I won't be getting back.
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    Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling

    I liked it. It wasn't the greatest reboot ever, but it seems like it was kind of a parody of reboots anyway. Considering how Rocko was both the highest and lowest points of Joe Murray's life at once, I can't imagine he was too keen on truly reviving the show. As someone else pointed out, Wacky...
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    The point of emails in sign-ups?

    I second this motion! The internet is making everyone so g-d autistic nowadays; moreover slow-in-the-mindness with all the dang trolling and social isolating unto me leading to down-right exceptionalism and heartlevel shattering to the most depression-inducing stress and crapped briefs, if y'all...
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    truth about the weight loss doctor 7/20/19

    If I had a beanbag that emptied itself of and was meant to hold only 1200 beans a day and I put 1400 beans into it a day, after 7 days that's 1400 beans extra causing the bag to stretch beyond its normal size. Capacity, exponential growth. It's simple math. But it's not what they teach at...
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    Over 120,000 alien hunters are planning to ‘storm Area 51’ to discover the truth He gives an example of a Naruto run at the end... *stress sigh* EDIT: Found the full cringe report on youtube
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    Sonichu 7/18 - A note on Rosechu's privates

    The age old questions are finally laid to rest.
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    Culture The Hollywood Sex Pest Megathread
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    Missing California camper found alive says she got lost fleeing man with knife

    Maybe something like this: Joe: *tripping on the dog whilst unloading a mountain of luggage* Dammit, Sheryl! Why'd you have to bring that damn lapdog again. Sheryl: Because I need someone to keep me company on this trip, Joe! You don't love me like you used to! Joe: For fuck's sake, Sheryl...
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    Missing California camper found alive says she got lost fleeing man with knife

    From another article: Some Puerto Rican Guy strikes again. I wonder if he was average Puerto Rican height? We need a better description.
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    Money Twitter 7/14 - Chris will circumvent his Ebay seller ban by teaming up with Sockness

    It's basically like in elementary school when they would send us home with those cardboard briefcases filled with candy bars to fund raise for a new desk for the teacher to get fucked on and most kids would end up eating the product themselves and have to pay for it.
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    (:_( Thanks for being an ally.

    (:_( Thanks for being an ally.
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    #metoo I blame The Big Bang Theory for everything. What the actual Big Bang did for the...

    #metoo I blame The Big Bang Theory for everything. What the actual Big Bang did for the universe, the show did for the "zomg im a nerd girl. I like star wars, anime and eating sushi" crowd. My sequence is just one of many victims RAPED by this monster.
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    Supporting the Forum

    I was just about to ask about that because I noticed we lost our verification, too. But still has its verification, so I assume we're supposed to send tips there now?
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    Containment Random Chris Updates

    Maybe not even that expensive

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