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    The truth about my health....

    She thinks after losing her 11 pounds that her sleep apnea went away and her lymphedema that she ignored for years has improved. I can't wait to see how much more her health "improves" if she loses another ten pounds.
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    I've taken care of nursing home residents with more youthful faces.
  3. FitBitch

    come talk to me...

    Who wore it best: face edition.
  4. FitBitch

    come talk to me...

    Or that time she swore off sweets for three days and said "apples taste like candy to me now." Now she's lost 11 pounds in as many days and her sleep apnea and BED are just gone.
  5. FitBitch

    Celebrity Tess Holliday / Ryann Maegen Hoven

    Probably shouldn't have chosen pink if she didn't want me to mistake them for pig ears.
  6. FitBitch


    Thanks. You can understand my surprise I hope.
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    Is it really just a "what I ate" and those three sad meals? Could someone break down the ten minute filler content? I will be patient.
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    Off-Topic Venus Palermo / VenusAngelic

    I recognize the song... Interesting choice considering her past.
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    Week 1 Weigh In

    "That's a THANKLE!" -my husband, 2019.
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    this is difficult... 04/18/2019

    Never forget, that cootchie is Gucci.
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    this is difficult... 04/18/2019

    Yeah no shit. There isn't an easy way out of your situation. 400+ pounds to lose isn't a little bit extra weight you're gonna get off in a a week of effort. You've built this body with a life of bad habits and tearing it down will take a lifetime of dedicated effort.
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    "Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle

    Sorry that got a little heated.
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    i’m obsessed with weighing myself...

    "I'm ubseeeessseduh with walkeen." "I'm ubseeeessseduh with wrideen." "I'm ubseeeessseduh with swimneen" I'm ubseeeessseduh with wadur." "I'm ubseeeessseduh with making sure I don't stink" We've heard it all before, gorl.

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