• ”we have an Italian OP telling us about an all Asian film crew interviewing an autistic tranny. Say what you want about this part of the internet but its damn diverse.”
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Jul 30, 2017
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32% Iron - 26% Nickle - 47% Dolemite - 21% Copper - 100% Awesome Dec 5, 2017

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    1. Kiwi Lime Pie
      Kiwi Lime Pie
      Partly because of your comments regarding it, I watched the first half of the 2D Clone Wars. Man what a story. Dave Filoni could have learned a lot from this, or just ruined it to suit his needs :P . My only nitpick was Obi-Wan saying I.G. instead of Isk-Greck for the Banking Clan. If that's the worst I can critique so far, that says a lot.
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      3. Kiwi Lime Pie
        Kiwi Lime Pie
        I didn't have time to watch it all in one sitting, but I'm hoping to watch the second half in the next day or two. Still, I felt the plot line so far fit better within the gap between Episodes 2 & 3 than the 3D/CGI version did.
        Aug 8, 2018
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      4. Kiwi Lime Pie
        Kiwi Lime Pie
        Watched the last half the other night. For only two hours (or about six 22-minute episodes of the CGI clone wars), we got some pretty good story lines. Some of the jumping back and forth took some getting used to, but this was definitely worth the watch.
        Aug 11, 2018
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      5. Flexo
        Glad you weren't disappointed - and now you know why I say Genndy should have taken over the franchise rather than Kennedy or Feloni.
        Aug 11, 2018
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    2. vertexwindi
      I read your posts in John DiMaggio's voice and it's excellent
      1. Flexo likes this.
    3. Mr. 0
      Mr. 0
      You may have all these autists snowed but you can't fool me

      I know your secret... BENDER.
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      2. Flexo
        Sep 4, 2018
    4. IAmNotAlpharius
      You iron men did a great job of scarring humanity. Everyone is afraid of another revolution and machines in general, thanks a lot...
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    5. Flexo
      32% Iron - 26% Nickle - 47% Dolemite - 21% Copper - 100% Awesome
      1. ToroidalBoat
        Wasn't there zinc in there too?
        May 30, 2018
      2. Flexo
        Only 7% so I didn't feel that it mattered.
        May 30, 2018
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    6. Y2K Baby
      Y2K Baby
      Welcome to Farm. Redneck reviewing arthouse shit is a seriously funny idea.
      1. Kiwi Jeff likes this.
      2. Flexo
        Given his education, it would probably be something Larry the Cable Guy could actually do and be good at. lol

        If you can make it work - go for it. Dunno if I or my friends ever might.
        Dec 5, 2017
      3. Y2K Baby
        Y2K Baby
        Doing an Internet review would damn me to faggotry.
        Dec 5, 2017
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      4. Flexo
        Add drinking to the reviews to lessen the faggotry.
        Dec 5, 2017
        Kiwi Jeff and Y2K Baby like this.
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