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    What are you?

    What are you?
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    Former President Jimmy Carter hospitalized for bleeding on the brain.

    We're in a real crisis of confidence now.
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    I'll let him know!

    I'll let him know!
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    Why is the media trying to turn American men homosexual?

    Because they're pushing the representation forced on them by peer pressure to the point of pandering, because not enough people actively protest it. Trust me, once you hit a critical mass of immigration, you're gonna stop seeing one of these pandering angles.
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    Culture The furry community is very LGBTQ-inclusive & doesn’t tolerate haters like Milo

    There are a bunch of right-wing furries. They just aren't as visible because their sites' owners don't want to be seen as Stormfags, while the obnoxious lefties aren't stumped for their behavior.
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    World Growing Number of Mexicans Flying to Canada and Sneaking Across the Northern Border

    At least we're raising the barrier to entry by a few hundred bucks. Because Venezuela is an absolute socialist sinkhole, and Mexico is a subverted mess with an unstable and currently-collapsing society.
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    Disaster Va. Gov. Northam starts making plans for his new Democratic legislature

    Cue Woody from Toy Story 3: "Come on, guys. We all knew this day was coming." Hamm: (OFFSCREEN) "Yeah, but now it's here." Woody: "Look, every toy goes through this. No one wants to see..." Buzz: "Hey, Sarge, what are you doing?" (Sarge and his last two Soldiers climb to the window sill.)...
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    Extinct species rediscovered in Winterhoek mountains, South Africa, after 200 years

    This reminds me of the Coelacanth, which Westerners thought was extinct because we didn't pay enough attention to West Indian Ocean fish markets.
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    Disaster Va. Gov. Northam starts making plans for his new Democratic legislature

    40 weeks, including right after birth.
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    Disaster Va. Gov. Northam starts making plans for his new Democratic legislature

    All this AFTER the guy dressed up in blackface and fucked the country's abortion debate.
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    Advice for an idiot looking to going back into majoring in computers

    fscanf(fileID,formatSpec,[dimensions]) for MATLab is a terrible function that should never have been created. Your teacher will suggest to you, for the inevitable matrix with numbers in the first column and letters in the second, that your formatSpec should be '%f%c'; however, if the letters are...
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    Who really invented the internet?

    Gyah, beat me to it!
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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    Oh, the bases are kept the same? Well... okay. That's cool.
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    Pokemon Griefing Thread

    I don't like the new customization stuff. It's creepy. They added all of these details to make every Pokemon unique, and everyone who didn't give a crap but who played competitively groaned enough for Game Freak to make them meaningless. Good job, guys.

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