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    "Mad at the Internet"

    to be fair, dead-naming those on suicide watch isn't exactly "advertiser-friendly."
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    "Mad at the Internet"

    YouTube employs and is staffed by cows, no other reason for them to take down such a small channel so quickly. Libs triggered epic-style to have to wave their girldicks around like that with such a vulgar display of power though.
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    If they break the barrier and let opposing Force ghosts meet, it's going to be like Wikipedia mods in disagreement, fucking with mortals but unable to do anything to each other directly other than make changes the other doesn't like. And I will hate it.
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    Live Action Minecraft movie coming 2022

    You'd have thought people would have learned their lesson from the Telltale Minecraft story game, but I guess not. Steamspy cites the Steam userbase as under half a mil with a 75% rating, doesn't count console chumps though.
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    Star Wars Griefing Thread (Formerly about Last Jedi)

    But Yoda zaps the tree of Jedi Knowledge as a ghost in ep. 8 with lightning and sets it on fire. I don't like it, but it happened.
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    when something is forbidden it is automatically better, even if it's bad for you

    when something is forbidden it is automatically better, even if it's bad for you
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    City of Heroes private server drama

    I still miss it bros.... Community was top-notch, it had some comic professionals mingling with the players, especially on the forums, and it had a pretty mature playerbase. Had some good memes too: Never forget that the Villains side of the game was one of the last things Gary Gygax ever...
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    Law FBI, police seek Florida Woman “infatuated with Columbine” who is loose in Colorado

    Mass shootings are of course tragic, but we are overdue for one by the ladies. Hopefully she screws up and gets caught in the planning stages.
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    Secret Gamer Girl / SecretGamerGrrl / Googleshng / "Violet Hargrave" / Jacob Lawrence (Jake) Alley / World Domination, LLC

    what an obnoxious forum to join, you have to email admins at a special address that's not really front-and-center after you fill out the normal "Sign up" form to get them to even look at your application. I haven't jumped through the hoops yet. In a way, it's worse than ResetEra. I take some...
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    Culture Tranny News Megathread

    Isn't Paglia a cornerstone in modern feminism? Or is she one of those "outdated" figureheads from 2nd wave feminism and now considered obsolete?
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    Inactive femme4memes / Nia Fae Loy / Connor James Loy

    I think it's also a record to write a tranny eulogy article 4 months after they offed themselves. What's the deal, Heidi Beedle & Colorado Springs? The author has apparently beefed with Jordan Peterson before... "Heidi Beedle is a local writer (and Indy contributor), educator...
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    Inactive femme4memes / Nia Fae Loy / Connor James Loy

    🤔🤔🤔 I'm not sure many people can relate to that. There it is! This'll really drive the article in A&H now. Inactive thread here: 12 pages, the last 10 of them being about their death. Also a 22-page thread just about...
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    Careercow Ana Valens / Anastasia Valens / Phil Wythe / Philip Stephen Wythe / SpaceDoctorPhD

    Number one only lasted like a day or two, but number two is pretty funny. Yeah, rebranding into a new name is helpful but as least clean up after the old name or lock it down so someone else doesn't prank you like this. :story:
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    Dramacow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride

    No updates on that Solar Ash Kingdom game in a month. Looking back at the main dev's twitter though, this caught my eye: Like it or hate it, the news boils down to them shopping around for writers still, but Chelsea is NOT one of them(yet). Which is interesting, since that's her main position...
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    never forget, page 225 for @Renfamous dox. Make use of that flashy new Xenforo2 bookmark button for dox you like!

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