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    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    The only situation I can think of someone giving him cash is someone playing the social justice game to push their own narrative. I've found that the biggest supporters of people like Rhys are white men. If you look at the people who defend him - the vast majority are white men with he/him in...
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    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    Seriously, he's so pathetic. Either he WAS already making more like he claimed or he is now. Which is it Rhys? But I mean, realistically, we all know this is like his imaginary $30k Japan speaking tour that JUST so happened to be when the biological ladies were riding in Japan. What a...
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    Dealing with the compromise

    Have you received your compensation without any itch? "Corrupt Banking Systems".... What if Akin Phillips is Neil Breen?
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    Orbiter morons on youtube who talk about chris

    @The American Hedgehog Transgender youtuber Rose of Dawn does a pretty interesting Christorical summary and assessment on Chris' "Transness" for her Pillars of the Community series. It makes a good contrast to her Jonathan Yaniv videos, in that Chris at least, is a sympathetic character...
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    Law Justice Brett Kavanaugh Megathread

    I don't think you understand how politics work. Should you ever be allowed to vote again?
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    Report: Trump Called Out, ‘Where’s My Favorite Dictator’ When Looking For Egypt’s El-Sisi

    Wall Street Journal has a high number of fag employees.
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    Could tontines work in modern day America?

    As the poster above said, The Simpson's episode perfectly demonstrated the pros and cons of a tontine and why human greed is always an insurmountable obstacle. Tho I'd like to see a member of a tontine kill the other members by smothering them with a Tontine. Perhaps that's why they named their...
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    Horrorcow Zoe Quinn / Chelsea Van Valkenburg / Locke Valentine / @UnburntWitch / @Primeape / CrashOverride / Hat Box / Old Uncle Anime

    You're viewing this way too simplistically. She's getting away with it because she's on the "right side of history". All the people who are backing her are mentally unstable, manipulative shits who want to get "revenge" on people because of some perceived injustice they've suffered. That's why...
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    Dealing with the compromise

    People should certainly call others faggots to their face. But then there are people who don't like fighting and they whine about arguments. You should certainly call them faggots also. If someone is doing something cringey, no matter who they are, people should just say it, instead of being...
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    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa BTFO tranny. Oh. I'm sorry. He's an engineer and Trans. He's certainly an expert on being a woman in a man's world.
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    The viability of conquest and/or colonialism in the modern world

    @Iwasamwillbe, What do you think of what China is doing? I think that's sorta the new colonialism. What they're doing in Africa is no different than what Europeans did, it's just not getting news coverage. They're pillaging the Philippines via their fishing waters atm, enforcing their might on...
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    Dealing with the compromise

    :story: We may have a CWC PM but we aren't that fucked yet. There aren't really any laws that are in place like the UK here. Yet. There probably will be one day but not today. I don't have NBN yet, but I'm pretty sure it'd be like 90% of regular broadband's dynamic IP. Edit : If you're...
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    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    His father was a cop so I assume he was very typically masculine. Actually, Rhys seems to want to humilate and destroy masculinity and take over femininity to show how tough he is to "weak" females.
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    Dr. Rachel McKinnon / Rhys McKinnon / Rachel Veronica McKinnon / Foxy Moxy

    Me. I. Me. Me. Me. This is the issue I have with Rhys. He doesn't get it. He can moan about his "oppression" as a troon, but he doesn't get what it means to be biologically female ; historically and culturally. With exception to a few, being female doesn't always afford you those self-serving...

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