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    SJW Art and Extremes

    Can't 10 year old anime boys be flaming homosexuals anymore without being forced into some weird modern western gender roles? God
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    "Assigned Male", by Sophie Labelle Verville / Guillaume Labelle

    Great, I'll be sure to do everything in the right-hand columns from now on, thanks Labelle
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    Lolcow Padma McCord / Padma Surya

    So I take it no one still has the Nexpo video after all?
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    What the fuck am I fucking reading here
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    SJW Art and Extremes

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    SJW Art and Extremes

    sausage arms only gordon ramsey could love
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    Steven Universe

    Except Kevin and Jasper, fuck those guys
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    SJW Art and Extremes

    Original image: Tumblr potato nose version For what purpose?
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    SJW Art and Extremes

    found in an /ic/ thread about artists who use "muh style" as an rxcuse to be shit. I don't know who or what it is or is supposed to be but I hate it
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    SJW Art and Extremes

    I've seen more "oh well maybe he's biologically male but he i*d*e*n*t*i*f*i*e*s~~" so far. But it's early days yet.
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    Steven Universe

    Checked out the deleted comments and of course the "''"''transphobic comments"'"'''" are just saying kids aren't fucking mature enough to be trans/were probably pushed into it and can't understand it themselves, or just asking what in the flying fuck "gender-exceptional"...
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    SJW Art and Extremes

    So some new androgynous character for the Pokemon anime was revealed recently and fags and r'tards are already crawling over themselves to declare them "a non-binary/doesn't identify uwu!!!" because grils can't wear pants and guys can't be pretty, I guess. (Un)fortunately this potato piece is...
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    I hate Persona but that avatar makes me very happy

    I hate Persona but that avatar makes me very happy
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    Dealing with the compromise

    So I was just uninstalling McAfee while reading this thread (never mind why I had it in the first place) and I got this- Thanks McAfee
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    SJW Art and Extremes

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