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    Chris Chan vs the Internet documentary promo

    Yeah that idea guy shit was a labor of love, they weren’t in it for money The guys in it for money are on Kickstarter duh
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    Culture New app to help Trump supporters find MAGA-friendly restaurants

    Stfu, I am so American that I put my hands near my Colt .45 Peacemaker the second a black person steps on the same sidewalk as me or gets within 50 feet of my car
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    Culture New app to help Trump supporters find MAGA-friendly restaurants

    I was always told not to talk about R.A.P.E but I guess I was the only one taught manners huh Religion Abortion Politics Economics
  4. Humba Wumba

    Culture ‘You hate America?’: Bar faces backlash after bartender filmed refusing to serve man in MAGA visor

    TBH if I am running a bar in NYC and my entire customer base is paying $15 a shot for fermented soy shooters and you show up wearing that shit I will tell you to gtfo, whether or not I plan on voting trump after work. Now he's in the news and all the good little cucks will march on in and spend...
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    Why do women hate other women so much?

    At my highschool they bullied the prettiest girl in the grade until she tried to kill herself. The second prettiest girl got bullied so much she had to change schools, lmfao.
  6. Humba Wumba

    Disaster More than 80 people injured after Japanese ferry hits whale

    That's what they get for whaling less and less nowadays
  7. Humba Wumba

    Science Man told he's going to die by robot doctor

    Not all doctors are like this, mine looked at my junk for 3 seconds and said 'Yep, herpes, gonorrhea , and clymedia all at once'
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    A gonorrhea cluster

    A gonorrhea cluster
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    SimCity is 30 years old

    I like how the one response is 'OK' , lol.
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    Containment Random Thoughts & Questions

    That switch is a good candidate, light, small, expensive, easy to sell on facebook or craiglist for unamrked bills Not sure it's worth someone targetting Chris for $200, but if you were robbing a house that is the kind of shit that goes in the sack
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    Culture Tard cum Coke: another classic from the nation that invented Cheeky Vimto

    When I was a kid, I put a couple shots of Vodka in some spagheti-Os, thinking I'd get drunk AND not be hungry. Oh god, no.
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    Law House Votes in Favor of Illegal Immigrants Voting

    No I get the intention, I just think it will make them look bad. Like I'm amazed they are willing to admit that they want this.
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    Law House Votes in Favor of Illegal Immigrants Voting

    Dude I legit don't understand their plan. Like I would understand them pretending they don't want illegals voting and trying to secretly get them to vote. That kind of makes sense I don't understand them standing out in the open saying 'yeah we want illegals to manipulate the election lol'...
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    The New Yorker's take on civilians "embracing military fashion"

    Lol they are marketing this towards service members? What are they smoking and can I replicate the effects with bath salts and PCP
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    YT 03/07/19 - Fan sends Chris a Switch

    I'm kind of amazed all these people get salty that Chris got a switch and they didn't. Like this is what makes you salty? Bro, there is some guy out right with a 100M$ mega yacht trying to decide how much coke you need for 12 lingerie models over the course of a one week voyage while he eats...

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