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    Sincerely, thank you for this link. My wife is now reading it and we are gob-smacked. She's the make up lady of the house, I put it on when I need to and we both shop at MAC. She's also the LuLaRoe Dirt Queen as we live near Ground Zero of THAT horsehit and she's happy to spill the dirt. This Younique shit is insidious. Again thanks!
    You are so very welcome. Im so glad you both enjoyed it. Im hoping for more writing from her because i enjoyed her style.
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    She's an excellent writer. I felt so sorry for these girls. You're just not at an age where you'd drive right over to "Tania's" house and take a pic of her real car and post that crap and out all her "posh life" pics as staged bullshit. "no, no, darling, don't leave, I CARE about you!" ... because you're giving ME free money.
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    Ok. Thats works for me. I accept your avi. I dont know how to change an avi so this one is fine. Thanks
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