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    Artcow Michael John Kricfalusi / John Kricfalusi / John K. / John K. Stuff / Raymond Spum

    even in his apology he has to take in a potshot at the animation industry, what an asshole here's the entire letter for archival purposes;
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    Disaster Controversial mural at California school shows Trump's head on a spear

    shit I didn't know street artists were such big Tekken fans
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    Artcow Michael John Kricfalusi / John Kricfalusi / John K. / John K. Stuff / Raymond Spum

    The animation industry is relatively anonymous a lot of the time, that has both its advantages and disadvantages but I doubt the former Spumco staff will end up getting fucked over by this too badly, worst case scenario they'll leave it out of their portfolio. John himself is fucked though...
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    Jerry Peet / Lily Orchard / Lily Peet / Valkyrstudios / Bhaalspawn / Tara Callie / "Mod Ebara"

    I just noticed this typo and for a second I thought Peet called him "autism". How is any of this supposed to be legally binding if it's not even edited correctly?
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    Shmorky / David Kelly / Daisy Kay / Sandypants / Peaches the Puppy & Ex-Fiance Amanda "Mandy" Mullen

    I'd only advocate for bigger channels to delete their David Kelly animations if he ever resumes using the Shmorky alias. David's forte was to lure in mentally ill youth via compliments about their creative endeavors, and then keep them there with the reputation he'd built up. While Game Grumps...
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    Disaster Avicii found dead at 28 I took a pill in Ibiza To show Avicii I was cool And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older But fuck it, it was something to do
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    Matthew Joseph Schimmel / Shiro Themian Ulv / Shiro Ulv / Naia Ulv / Naia Okami / wolftherian

    His Twitter and Instagram are locked and I don't believe his Facebook posts are public either. His best profile for this is Kinmunity. Has anyone tried adding him on Skype? I really hope this is our man because Shiro is one of the few cows I actually want to talk to, they seem legit interesting...
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    Shmorky / David Kelly / Daisy Kay / Sandypants / Peaches the Puppy & Ex-Fiance Amanda "Mandy" Mullen

    Dave deleting that account was not a smart idea, not only does it confirm it was him but it confirms that he's still out there doing diaper shit under different aliases. If he has any other accounts he might as well start posting as Shmorky again since now we have a reason to investigate any...
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    Baron Tremayne Caple / Rainbow Man

    What did he mean by this?
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    Baron Tremayne Caple / Rainbow Man

    Who is this "Cracker Ass Cracker"?
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    Genesius Wolf / Noah Canu

    lot to unpack here
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    2018-04-12 - Noah Canu: "I'm going to sue you (not a joke)"

    These speds keep thinking I'm Mew2King, Purple Tinker thought the same shit. 5 seconds of Google people.
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    Genesius Wolf / Noah Canu

    Looking into his tweets a bit I find it ironic that right before he was whining about being called an altfurry and a moral crusader... he was talking to altfurries and bitching about yiff. He even put out a video whining about porn again. I clicked around this and he talks about the...

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