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  • I may or may not be well versed at this 'being human' thing. Appreciate the assist fam =)
    No offense intended, just using Phil-speak
    Prince Lotor
    Prince Lotor
    Oh, none taken. I genuinely appreciate reminders when I start going off the rails a bit and can't see it =)
    Sometimes, because I use this site for personal amusement, I have a tendency to disregard other's viewpoints and experiences and just focus on my opinions and what's funny to me, and that's not usually who I am.
    :o Bryan actually thought you were Tevin... This is the third time I've seen him accuse someone of being someone else. All the warning signs were there and I still thought he was mostly an OK guy... Did anyone warn Tevin that Bryan thought he was stalking him?
    i'm looking at your posts and you seem similar to KoP. Eerily similar
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    Looking at it, I may very well be wrong
    Bryan Dunn
    Bryan Dunn
    Hes not me. He is most like Tevin but will sperg at you if you mention it. He lurks me hard and spams negratings.
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