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    The Elder Scrolls

    The Emperor saw you in a vision and knew he had to save your ass. True, I give Morrowind credit for putting an interesting spin on the hero of prophecy trope.
  2. John Titor

    The Final Fantasy Thread

    You can ask them to slow down if you're in the process of figuring it out. There's only one Dungeon in ARR that has story-related notes and what you could do is finish the dungeon and teleport back to the entrance.
  3. John Titor

    The Elder Scrolls

    I liked that you were an absolute nobody. This chosen one stuff they've been using for the past 3 games got old.
  4. John Titor

    Bikini Armor Battle Damage

    Technically not BABD but it's just as insufferable. You kidding me, dude? She was already wearing more clothes than Simon Belmont.
  5. John Titor

    Artcow Iconoclast / Jonathan M. Sweet

    Should I be surprised that he actually likes Whomp? Virgin Iconoclast vs Chad Ronnie Iconoclast * Unfunny * Can't take criticism * Terrible art * 20 years have passed, still hasn't improved * Can't get over a problem that was his own fault Ronnie: * Hilarious * Self-deprecative * Good art * 9...
  6. John Titor

    Fallout 76 General Thread

    I believe it was Chris Avellone who thought they went overboard with the goofiness.
  7. John Titor

    The Final Fantasy Thread

    What's the issue with level caps? I have no experience but from what I understand from people, I take it XI may be for someone more into pre-WoW Everquest style MMOs?
  8. John Titor

    The Final Fantasy Thread

    The swear bombs were most likely stuff localization added.
  9. John Titor

    Art Critique + Advice

    It's a normal thing to feel. IMO, I think it's a good thing because it means you're self-aware enough to know flaws when you see them while others decide to think they're prodigies who are perfect enough (see artcows). All I can say is keep going and study. As a challenge, draw a portrait (go...
  10. John Titor

    It’s the user’s fault if a Ring camera violates your privacy, Amazon says

    Can't find the specific video (spoiler: lmao nigger would be thief gets caught and blames non-existent white guy) but I'm not complaining about results.
  11. John Titor

    Bikini Armor Battle Damage

    But look at their lack of scars! They're not real women! seethingwojack.png
  12. John Titor

    Starbucks franchises homeless shelters

    I was talking about having public restrooms trashed and used by hobos and junkies. I hate the thought of something useful being ruined by drug addled shitheads.
  13. John Titor

    What have you recently eaten?

    I gave in and tried that Popeye's chicken sandwich. It's good but not good enough to be an asshole over it. The fries portion was small but I say the price was right.
  14. John Titor

    What Will Happen To Youtubers When They Grow Old?

    Cr1tik4l will be fine since he's fully aware youtube money is volatile as fuck.
  15. John Titor

    Starbucks franchises homeless shelters

    Does Europe have this problem? Imagine our shock.

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