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  • Thanks for the lowdown on the munchies. The Reddit sub is just mental - one woman throws teddy out the pram and demands to know why she's downvoted - er....suck it up, cupcake? What a hugbox. Bleh.
    Aaaanyhoo, the deets are appreciated and, six months too late*, welcome to the farms!

    * 's quite good for me. My tagline srb "T Clanger - slow on the uptake."
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    Kate Farms Shill
    Kate Farms Shill
    Yeah that subreddit is fucking cancer. I genuinely think the early LCF threads helped people identify a munchie so they didn't get sucked in, and no asspats were doled out.

    Don't worry about being slow on the uptake. I lurked here for a long time before the big shut down and it took me an entire year to realize it had come back online.
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