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  1. KingGeedorah

    Nujabes or J Dilla?

    Why not both?
  2. KingGeedorah

    Spic Dindus rape and murder girl. Satan involved.

    Night Stalker 2: Electric Boogaloo
  3. KingGeedorah

    Mooslim or not...

    These fucking Insane Clown Posse fans are out of control.
  4. KingGeedorah

    Megathread Potatoes of Instagram

    My god he looks so much like Chris it's freaking me out.
  5. KingGeedorah

    Tickle-heads (The ASMR Community)

    :cuck::neckbeard::story: Anyway, this guy is fucking hilariously awful
  6. KingGeedorah

    Man sentenced for cutting off woman’s finger and drinking her blood in Juggalo ritual

    Hatchet boys for lyfe. I wonder if it tasted like Cherry Faygo. Actually I'll just drink the blood.
  7. KingGeedorah

    Sweden Institutes Military Draft

    CUCKS....wait I mean good on you Sweden. Good shit.
  8. KingGeedorah

    Venezuela is down to its last $10 billion

    They should gamble it and try to double their money.
  9. KingGeedorah

    JonTron Salt

    People say stupid shit all the time. His videos are pretty funny, but I wouldn't agree with all his personal views. Does he deserve to have his housed burned down? Nope.
  10. KingGeedorah

    Warhammer 40k

    Yo, any of you guys board game as well as tabletop? I got Relic, a 40k reskin of the Talisman system and it seems like great fun for everyone involved. Next time we game it's getting brought out.
  11. KingGeedorah

    Do you guys know some good Metalcore/Deathcore bands?

    Ayyo idk if you like the first album, The New Reign, they put out back in 2007, but they are re-recording it! Plus a B side that was never released.
  12. KingGeedorah

    Transgender guy gets pregnant, 'First British man to announce that he's expecting'

    Maybe he can be the first male to get an abortion too.

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