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    Amberlynn Reid General Discussion

    If you were Becky, would you want to be around Amber more than you have to?
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Thanks @GremlinKween for the screenshots. I've been looking for a Halloween avatar.
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    Amberlynn Reid General Discussion

    There was a video she posted that a lot of people called her out for her dirty fingernails and one of the next snapchats she posted had a sticker strategically placed to hide her nails. She knows. She clearly knows. e; damn. Ninja'a by like one second.
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    She lists all the stuff that was available to eat and what she ate. "I didn't have a salad this time." Shocker! Maybe it's just because I'm a more private person but if someone came over for a family function and was just filming the whole time, along with my house to put on her YouTube...
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    What Have You Cooked Recently?

    I made some fantastic burritos last night. Haven't had anything with cilantro in awhile so I was pretty stoked about it. Also for it being fall, the grape tomatoes have been delicious and super cheap. Also did a shrimp fest with my best friend tonight. Just bummed we didn't have tartar sauce.
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    Thing that personally piss you off.

    People who clearly have a medical problem, have the money and means to go to the doctor but instead just complain about the problem every day. Claiming that they already know what's wrong and doctors are wrong. Stop complaining, stop thinking you know best and just go to the fucking doctor...
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    What’s are dumbest names people’s parents cursed them with?

    I remember watching a show and the woman was talking about her daughter. She said her name was La - Sha but pronounced it, La Dash Sha and said the dash was silent.
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    Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    Her legs remind me of those pilsbury biscuit dough tubes after the seals been popped. Oozing and mushy. Her mom actually isn't bad looking. I've never seen a picture of her that close up. That plate of food is some of the only things she posted that actually looks good and edible. Her hair...
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again. She does not need rehab. Rehab is for people that actually want to get help. It is a waste of time, money and resources because she does not want to change. She surrounds herself with people who enable her for a reason. She has had plenty of people...
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    Trainwreck Gwen Hartley & The Hartley Hooligans

    Leave it to a shit posting website to have more compassion for the life and death of two deformed girls than their own parents. Soilder on kiwis. R.I.P girls. Hopefully death was better than anything you went through in life.
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    Fall 2019 Merch Run

    Haven't been here long but would love to support the site in anyway I can. Definitely love the Halloween theme. I'll be ordering my sweatshirt today. Thanks Null. Appreciate all your hard work!
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    Off-Topic Makeup! Clothes! "Girly stuff" thread

    Does anyone have suggestions on keeping foundation from coming off? I don't mean like setting spray but more like if you hug someone and the foundation comes off on their shirt. Or you fall asleep and half your makeup comes off on your pillow. I've watched YouTube videos before but they...
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    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    Jokes on him. No fast food fries are good after 20 minutes, much less an hour.
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    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    Ugh. Usually I don't question what this moron does but I'm curious. Why does he have all that food in front of him? I skipped through a few parts of the live stream but he never touches it? Am I just stupid and it's just some kind of green screen shit or did he just order all that food to not...
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    It's also pointless to try to help someone who doesn't want help. There's a reason weightless surgery only has a 5% chance of working. Even to get the process started, you have to loose weight to prove to the doctor it's worth their time. Even with the money she has, they wouldn't just let her...

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