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  • I can't remember, did you make a gif of Rekieta saying "How Embarrassing"?

    I haven't been in the main thread in months and I swear that gif was a fever dream or something.
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    Not "how embarrassing." Just "uh-oh!" and "I'm not going to answer that question," plus one with Ty going "In my opinion, he's a douchebag."
    About that frame from Evangelion in the Ralph thread: That is the point in which Asuka is talking down to Shinji, the main character, in a way to be little him. She’s looks so distorted as a means to show how superior she is. This scene also gives way to a wild change of pace. I think so giving her the bigger neck may also make that transition more fluid. I would suggest you watch the show if you are into anime.
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    Sorry I just now noticed this. I've actually seen Eva back when I was in college… and found it massively overrated. Sorry. :/
    The Reaper
    The Reaper
    No you're fine. I totally forgot about this until you replied. Shinji fucking strangles her and they needed to give him a big target So that might be why her neck was big. I liked it, but I think it does have that air of pretentiousness about it, and the fanbase does nothing to convince people otherwise.
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