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    Lolcow Charles Clymer / Charlotte Clymer / @cmclymer

    At least it's not his usual brand of Woke bullshit. Let's hope more trivial things like this keep his confused brain occupied. 'The things politicians say impact people, by legitimising poor treatment of trans people they enable hate crimes and oppression. However, I will not name and shame...
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    Lolcow Charles Clymer / Charlotte Clymer / @cmclymer

    Dude's been tweeting a lot about the Women's World Cup lately, mainly about how "baby men" got up in arms about the US celebrations vs Thailand. Now he's talking about how the winners from the R16 games get $1mil as opposed to the group stage losers of the men's tournament getting $8mil. Oddly...
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    hbomberguy / Harry "Harris" Brewis / Slazenger Rapemachine Whiteshaf

    IIRC Shaun lives in Greater Manchester. Don’t have anything in writing though.
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    hbomberguy / Harry "Harris" Brewis / Slazenger Rapemachine Whiteshaf

    Likely promoting their videos to try and shut up their whining. It’s probably easier to build an algorithm that boosts breadtube to “provide balanced recommendations” than it is to sift through millions of videos and remove unwanted content without catching others in the crossfire.
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    Trashfire Carlos Maza / @gaywonk versus Steven Blake Crowder / @scrowder (#VoxAdpocalypse)

    It is weird seeing him go all in on Boogie, someone he would have sucked the dick of two or so years ago for exposure. I can still remember when he palled around at Vidcon with Shoe and ChrisRayGun and all the other anti-SJW YouTubers (be interesting to see if any of them have spoken to him...
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    A guide to the insider's language of YouTube gamers

    What is it with online outlets and their obsession with gamers? Is it just leeching off one of the most successful strands of YouTube?
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    Plagued TERFs / Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists / Gender Critical Feminists

    Like other radfems she believes men are inherently violent and women must disassociate from them - watch how quickly she blames men and their violent tendencies for everything. She is a Political Lesbian and believes hetereosexual relationships are a form of patriarchal Stockholm Syndrome. If...
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    Plagued TERFs / Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists / Gender Critical Feminists

    One of the worst things about crazy troons is they make odious scumbags like Bindel and other TERFs somewhat sympathetic figures. Bindel has some batshit crazy and hypocritical views and now she gets to look like a victim. Anyhow, funny how she’s prattled on for years that men are the worst...
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    Social Justice Warriors

    The one who was on America's Next Top Model or something (I forget his name) is one of my contenders for worst person on twitter. He's super-confrontational to non-deaf people about everything, and that combined with the 'yass kween slay' attitude all twitter "personalities" have makes him worse...
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    hbomberguy / Harry "Harris" Brewis / Slazenger Rapemachine Whiteshaf

    I think it’s a bit more sophisticated now. At first they called everything fascist, then people called them on how ridiculous it was calling centrists/soft conservatives that, so they coined the terms ‘fascist adjacent’ and ‘fascist enabler’ to get around that, sobasically even if you’re not a...
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    Quinton Kyle Hoover / Quinton Reviews / Quintex96 / QuintexUTTP / QuintexTheAntiRacist

    Criticising the new Star Wars land? Uh oh, sounds like someone is being a toxic fanboy... I'll give him a pass for this one, because he's actually criticised it when so many now are lavishing praise on shit solely because it annoys the Right People, regardless of quality. Thoguh I'm sure in a...
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    hbomberguy / Harry "Harris" Brewis / Slazenger Rapemachine Whiteshaf

    Legit in awe of the delusion on display here. Even if we factor in the whole 'fascists are scum who want to murder people therefore don't deserve respect' these are the same people who go full Moviebob about working class people who voted for Brexit. Sure, they might not call for them to die or...
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    David Sherratt / Spinosauruskin / "Shitrat" / Hardon for Assad / Alternative Facts / @discordspies

    Coastal areas here can be pretty deprived, either due to isolation or because they were once tourist towns who lost their tourism thanks to the package holiday boom. Honestly I’d say coastal towns are more associated with being run down and deprived than they are with beauty and wealth.
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    Science Should Arabic numerals be taught in schools? Most Americans say no

    ‘Arabic numerals’ is also misleading as there are two kinds: Eastern Arabic which is the image above, and Western Arabic which is the numbers we use today. Those figures in the picture are actually still commonly used today in places like UAE and Iraq.
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    Social Justice Warriors

    Never thought I'd post a screenshot of a Christian pastor from Alabama in this thread, but here we are: This is just one of several posts of a similar theme on his Facebook page. He's been getting a lot of shares in Twitter lately, which is how I found him. Can't see them praising him for...

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