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  • Do you have an actual argument for why using a surrogate is wrong or are you just a massive faggot?
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    Richardo Retardo
    Richardo Retardo
    about Murica, I'm not sure why you had to project your national inadequacies onto this but whatever. Also, lol what's "degenerate" about wanting to have fucking grandchildren in spite of tragic circumstances? You really need to think about what the word means; here's a hint, it doesn't just mean "stuff I don't like". Finally, you should have to defend your exceptional views just like everyone else
    If you want to continue this debate
    We should do it via PM since wall posts don't really work due to length restrictions.
    What makes you think I want to "debate" you? Especially seeing as you can't write a single sentence without insulting me or calling me dumb. Are you this bored and lonely? I never asked for this "conversation" in the first place.
    Hint: you ARE a massive sperg.
    Richardo Retardo
    Richardo Retardo
    lol sure thing, faggot.
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