lolcow field researcher

Hey maggots faced dick shit who the fuck let you out of your fucking ass eating Herero cage of asshole brain dead ignorance. Why the fuck does your crusty unwanted shit covered mouth suck so much inbred cock? Perhaps because your attracted to your own kind motherfucker? Feel like perpetuating your condition? Go cry into your cousins ballsack and stuff your mouth with them, it’d be more productive then what your doing with it now. It’s funny how you talk about him looking “unflattering” when you are literally spewing up vile poisonous menstrual blood out of your rotting diseased opening you call a mouth while getting a sad handjob from the homeless man out side of your local Macy’s.
It’s a good thing y’all don’t want to have children. I literally think you should be sterilized so the human race won’t be subjected to your many rotting chromosomes. Besides, it’s not like you could ever get anyone to willingly fuck you. You ought to be furiously masturbating to yeasty pussy or grandmas farting or whatever the fuck it is you gross as fucks get off to these days instead of wasting your time pretending like someone cares about what ever counts as an opinion for someone who has syphilis brain. Do your keepers A huge favor: do a triple summersault through The Air,and disappear up your own Asshole. That’s be an immense improve to rather then listen to the long list of bull shit you have spewing out of your mouth. In fact,I would literally rather masturbate with knives to a snake eating a mouse then have you ever type anything ever again. I realize you must be living a sad, dreary, empty existence and believe it or not it’s not the excessive cock you want to suck, or your sever lack of intelligence or creativity, or even the fact you look like a rotted slimy mushroom and a 67 year old woman who’s been using crack for 39 years had hate sex and left you behind the liquor store that people hate listening to you. You just have a terrible personality. You wanna talk about having no direction in life? Why don’t you look at the fact you are on fucking reddit, talking about a teenager you have never met, scrolling through his blog, and going back to reddit to bitch about something you pasty ass lonely hateful thing. You are clearly incapable of even the most basic human decency and therefore don’t deserve the title of human. You think your so fucking above it all why don’t you look all the fucked up shit you’ve gone through. “But I’m different!” You say to yourself while you sit at a computer you probably didn’t buy or earn or deserve to have in any way shape or form. Well hello. I’m here to tell you your wrong. You aren’t special. If you think the fact that your life is a river of shit and vomit from people who have to listen to you guess what. You are wrong. You aren’t special. Maybe instead of spending time perpetuating filth on the internet you go tell someone important to you that you love them or pet a dog. Maybe try and be positive instead of orgasming at the thought of being cruel to another human being who you have never met and hopefully never will meet. Go fuck yourself.

A perfect illustrated description of the eventual and inevitable fate that awaits all feminists, social justice cowards, and gender "crusaders" when their time comes. Eventually, every single one of you man hating, rug munching, politically correct, birkenstock wearing, trigger warning exceptional individuals will be held accountable for your words and deeds. You will be forced to pay 10 fold for every unkind, untrue, and vicious slanderous accusation you've made towards the males who so graciously allow you to co-exist with them. Your "righteous" beliefs and rhetoric will do nothing to save you, and you will be exactly as powerless to protect yourselves as you have always been. Up until this point the Patriarchy was only a buzzword that you used to justify you unspeakable and illogical activities. Now when you are finally held accountable and it is real, staring you directly in the face, let's see how strong your convictions are, especially when you actually feel it crashing down around you and crushing you underfoot. Just watch how quickly your change your tune then, bitches.



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