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  • So...what's with making an account yesterday, making your first post, then editing your first post down to one letter and then making a new account the next day?

    Just wondering.
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    I made an account to comment on this thread, Given I was drunk and it was late, I made the post, I regretted how i phrased it, got nervous and I couldn't find out how to delete it, Plus I used the wrong email. So I just edited it to say F, out of panic. I came back here in the morning, saw people had caught my post and wanted to explain myself.
    I probably won't use this thread again or this account, or who knows? I may lurk here and wnt to join the conversation. I'm not interested in much else on this site tbh.
    NOT Sword Fighter Super
    NOT Sword Fighter Super
    Well thanks for coming back to clarify.
    Take a look around, though.
    There's plenty to appreciate here.
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