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    Disaster Say hello to ‘antira,’ the far-right’s answer to antifa

    Waiting for Antiboomshakalaka to be a thing.
  2. Marissa Moira

    Random Pics and Gifs

    The images were posted on 4chan and OP said they were from a bondage accident. The ice stuff came out hours later. My personal theory is that this guy just likes causing severe harm to himself and also likes he can get people to forcibly care for him now since he has no hands and therefore...
  3. Marissa Moira

    What are you playing right now?

    Finished Xenoblade 2 the other day 100% with all quests and blades collected, and the end game bosses killed, and wound up at level 99. Now I'm almost done with Torna with all quests done, all items crafted, all endgame bosses killed, all quests done, and all members of the community accounted...
  4. Marissa Moira

    The Eternal Sadness of GameStop

    I miss the likes of Babbages, Egghead Software, COMPUSA, Software Etc, Walden Software, EB Games, Planet X, and many others. You could just walk into the store and be surrounded by assorted game covers and machinery. Never went to a Funcoland but saw advertisements. Gamestop was more or less a...
  5. Marissa Moira

    Culture Researcher says new study suggests autism is overdiagnosed

    Meds do jack shit for autism unless you're very non-functional and therefore only some meds will restore some level of function. What really works are socialization classes that spell out the rules and ethics of society and the logic behind them. Those will work very well for high functioning...
  6. Marissa Moira

    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    You only hate California because all the important and smart people live there.
  7. Marissa Moira

    Disaster This little-known meme site has hosted two mass shooting threats this month

    Which was all based on a lie because the fucking dude killed himself because he didn't want people to find out he was gay, so he blamed board games. It's fucking pathetic and it was a lie fueled by the media.
  8. Marissa Moira

    Random Pics and Gifs

    Had no idea bondage fetish bullshit can wind up accidentally causing people to amputate their limbs. Happening to a guy wearing a Bubsy fursuit
  9. Marissa Moira

    DEATH STRANDING Trailer released, release date November 8th 2019

    if you piss on people apparently their clothes do get wet and some will remark about you pissing on them. This would in theory also lead to them putting on a change of clothes and in the process of them stripping you could attack them. Day 1 Purchase.
  10. Marissa Moira

    Walmart FURIOUS at Tesla's 'utter incompetence' over solar panel fires on shop roofs, demands them all removed in court filing

    But the radiation will mutate my non-existent children and then I won't be able to abort them at Planned Parenthood!
  11. Marissa Moira

    Culture Cannibalism Is Found Throughout the Animal Kingdom—So Why Is It the Ultimate Taboo for Humans?

    Here's the thing about eating human meat, if the meat is diseased in any form or the person was on drugs it goes directly into your system with no safeguards. If a cow is sick the chances of the disease transferring from the meat to you is much lower since being a different species acts as a...
  12. Marissa Moira

    My Little Brony II: The Cloppening

    The new series is apparently already considering bronies for parts of it demographic from the get-go. Much like how Hasbro's other properties like Transformers has multiple different lines for different types of collectors and fans, so will ponies.
  13. Marissa Moira

    World of Warcraft

    There's apparently talk of allowing vanity legacy items getting linked to your account. So vanity shit from vanilla will pop-in to both your vanilla account and your current account if you own it on either. It's a harmless suggested change and going forward if they make new servers associated...
  14. Marissa Moira

    Disaster 'It Came From Something Awful' Links 4Chan And Today's Political Discourse

    >utter scum >nearly 8 billion people on the earth If humans really were scum there would be only a 100,000 or so people since they wouldn't stop killing each other.

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