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    Telltale Games Closing Down

    you can tell how annoying a twitter user is when they put their pronouns in their bio
  2. Medici

    Zoosadist Zoosadism Megathread

    People keep trying to defend furries but on Twitter a lot of the people exposing Kuro have some pretty awful furry porn on their own profiles. Talk about the lesser of 2 evils lol.
  3. Medici

    Telltale Games Closing Down

    Literally the only good thing they had going for them after TWD S1 was The Wolf Among Us and we can't even get a season 2. But hey at least we got fucking Minecraft story mode amirite fellas Wonder how long it'll take for that YongYea leech to dig his teeth into this shit. I can already hear...
  4. Medici

    Steven Universe

    white diamond's shoe game is on point. damn
  5. Medici

    What are you playing right now?

    Breath of the Wild. I got a Switch for my graduation and spent a good 70 hrs on it before beating Ganon. The game was amazing, I had a lot of unique moments where I just stood around and went "wow this game is fucking great and pretty" instead of playing. Only few problems though are the fact...
  6. Medici

    Disappointing Games You've Played

    The majority of new MMOs I play have fun action combat but end up putting me to sleep. I tried to get into Blade and Soul but after a while it just felt boring. I was looking forward to it for a while.
  7. Medici

    What are you listening to right now?

    atrocity exhibition is so fucking good
  8. Medici

    Tell The Terrible Truth About What the Avatar of the Person Above You Says About Them

    you would probably fuck jerry from tom and jerry
  9. Medici

    Tell The Terrible Truth About What the Avatar of the Person Above You Says About Them

    you would probably stick your penis in kiwi farms if it were a human being
  10. Medici

    Are we bad people?

    I think I'm a good person. I barely lurk threads on cows unless they're fucked up and deserve it, but the ones about people that are disabled or have depressing lives just make me upset. I'm really only here to lurk and post about normal shit like music or whatever. I don't think laughing at a...
  11. Medici

    Radical Heights: Cliff Bleszinski's last hope

    Clunky and generic gunplay, horrid visuals, cheap 80's schtick, nothing fucking unique at all, nothing fun to bring to the BR genre. Cosmetics look like they came straight from the garbage too, fucking yikes. The BR genre doesn't need anything right now. It has a more in-depth, boots on the...
  12. Medici

    What are you listening to right now?

    been listening to nothing but soul recently
  13. Medici

    Disappointing Games You've Played

    any new pokemon games. it's not like there's anything wrong with them or something. i just grew out of it. :/
  14. Medici

    Is drawn child pornography (loli) bad?

    Read it again. That was going off topic and was referring to pedophiles in general. lol
  15. Medici

    Least Favorite Youtubers?

    lol faggot

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