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  • Welcome to the farms. I'm immediately putting you on ignore. Please do me the favor of reciprocating because I do not want to see your username or profile pic in my notifications ever again.

    I'm pretty sure 50% of the users here think I'm a tremendous asshole and the other 50% think I'm a bleeding heart. I'm both, actually so let me tell you why I'm ignoring you:
    there are like ten thousand hilarious dead musical artists that were crazy or lolcows themselves or had notoriously bad attitudes or whatever. Any of those people would make a hilarious "ghost of" username for kiwifarms.

    Mia Zapata is not one of them.
    Literally her only "crime" was being a phenomenal artist who was violently raped and murdered on her way home from a show one night. This is not funny or amusing or cow-like in the slightest. It's disgusting and awful and a goddamned tragedy. Now she's a kiwifarms user. Gross dude.

    Don't cut yourself on all that edge.
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