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    Disaster Sex worker films themself licking an airplane toilet seat

    This takes "lol so random and quirky uwu" to new, disgusting heights.
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    EA Skipping E3 2019

    On the off chance that E3 actually "dies" some new show will take it's place, just as E3 took the place of space world. Sony leaving is one thing but EA leaving doesn't even compare. Sony left because of ego, but EA is leaving because of lack of funds I'm sure. Now if Nintendo or Microsoft...
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    Culture Tard cum Coke: another classic from the nation that invented Cheeky Vimto

    That's the shit you used to do by accident as a kid at lunchtime but not washing your cup. Just make a Coke float for crying out loud!
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    If I show you my glowbo what will you then me into? :P

    If I show you my glowbo what will you then me into? :P
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    Disaster Divorcee who gave up on real women now lives with 12 life-size dolls

    He probably doesn't have a lot of people over more than once
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    Ohh my bad

    Ohh my bad
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    Disaster Driver abandons school bus at gas station with nearly 30 students on it, tells students 'go **** yourselves'

    Tbh in PA they're just lucky he didn't decide to end it all and crash the bus into the vast fields of nothing that cover the state
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    YNW Melly said his friends were killed in a drive-by. But that's not what bullets reveal

    With a face/build like that he'll make a good prison bitch to say the very least
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    Disaster 12-year-old charged with drawing anti-Semitic graffiti on school playground

    Years ago when children did the dumb things they do, like say rude/graphic/edgy things because even at the 12 you don't always realize the gravity of certainly words and actions, a teacher wouldve been contacted, the student reprimanded, a parent called, and it would have been a little...
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    Drug dealer buys $540 worth of Girl Scout cookies

    If they're smart they did. That shit can be hard to come by
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    Facebook Insider Leaks Docs

    inb4 "well Facebook is a corporation so this is fine"

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