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  1. MightyBiteySnake

    Disaster YouTube executive calls cops on black man for 'trespassing' as son begs him to stop in viral video

    Also the first thing the guy should have done was called the buildings security before calling the cops
  2. MightyBiteySnake

    Disaster YouTube executive calls cops on black man for 'trespassing' as son begs him to stop in viral video

    It probably was technically trespassing, and yes this wesley guy probably shouldn't have been doing it but I think we've all been in the situation where we're waiting at a friend's apartment complex and its way too hot/cold out so we bum a ride in when we can. Most people are cool about it tho...
  3. MightyBiteySnake

    Kumatora or Boomertora?

    Kumatora or Boomertora?
  4. MightyBiteySnake

    Diseased Trump Derangement Syndrome

    And how exactly would they go about that? The right wingers they've been calling fascists for the last 3 years aren't likely to forget what kinda shit went down and the left wingers they've been pandering to would probably burn down the news buildings for turning coat.
  5. MightyBiteySnake

    Dramacow ArchivistBecks / 8bitBecca / RemembrancerMx / Yonah Bex Gerber / Rebecca Marie Hernandez-Gerber

    Abusers tend to have that bad habit of claiming that victims who have left them are the abusers. Some day when Cuckson dies his corpse will have raped Becky I'm sure
  6. MightyBiteySnake

    6-30-19 - Me and Mom

    Tommy is so gross looking that it's easy to remember that he's only on his early 60s and had a living mother who's more with it than he is
  7. MightyBiteySnake

    DOTA Autochess & Teamfight Tactics

    Believe it or not, once upon a time league was actually a pretty easy game to just jump into and have a laugh with your friends. As the season went on the game got more... Bland, I guess?
  8. MightyBiteySnake

    DOTA Autochess & Teamfight Tactics

    The only reason to play TFT is to pass time with friends you don't know what to play with anymore cuz none of you enjoy league anymore
  9. MightyBiteySnake

    Super Mario Maker 2

    It's cheesy but favorite feature is hands down being able to play as my man Luigi. Really happy they put the character options in this time around. Vertical stages, Red Yoshi, the Dry Bones Shell, Seesaws and the Night mode are by far the features I'm most excited to play around with on the...
  10. MightyBiteySnake

    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    The bucket of wings has more hormones than bob let alone brain cells
  11. MightyBiteySnake

    Inactive Desmond Daniel Amofah / Etika / Etika World Network

    It's sad to have watched etika transform from a relatively normal Brooklyn YouTuber into the deranged person he was these last several months to a year. Whether it was a cult, drugs or mental illness that did him in we may never know. I hope his friends and family can at least get some closure...
  12. MightyBiteySnake

    Pokemon (“We’ve seen your complaints, but we’re not changing so fuck off” - Masuda)

    Mega Ampha is a dragon cuz it's Japanese name is Denryu with the ryu meaning dragon. Why the woolless sheep was named elec dragon is beyond me tho
  13. MightyBiteySnake

    5-8-2019 - a call from 'israel'

    So wait was the callers name Israel?
  14. MightyBiteySnake

    Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston

    When he watches a new show with teen girls interacting

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