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    watch this, please - 4/3/2019

    This is going better than I hoped. I hope more of her fans unsub, if she's losing her marbles over ~5,000 subs, can you imagine how she'll cope with maybe ~10,000 or even ~15,000, maybe more? She might have to really spill some tea to get eyes on her channel again.
  2. MillionaireMadman

    Amberlynn Reid Boycott 04/09

    Lol, she disabled comments on her snapchat apology. I think she realised that she has actually gone too far.
  3. MillionaireMadman

    Amberlynn Reid Boycott 04/09

    This is great, I think it's bloody entertaining because you just know that Amber will double down and be double the cunt that we all know and love, which will piss off her viewers even more.
  4. MillionaireMadman

    reacting to hate comments 3/29/19

    That's an idea, do you think that Rafe egged her on to do this video? We all know Rafe is a shit stirring whale who has nothing else better to do.
  5. MillionaireMadman

    reacting to hate comments 3/29/19

    Christ, what a massive cunt.
  6. MillionaireMadman

    there’s something we need to talk about ...2/22/19

    I like that Amberlynn's favourite film is about a dim witted, but kind hearted sped who gets used by an AIDS filled, drug riddled, used up, emotionally abusive whore
  7. MillionaireMadman

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    See, my thing is this: I have a strong feeling that the hayder nation is getting way too A Log happy. I can see them becoming a tumbrl version of SoK. Like with Fred Fuchs, I think the hayders are focusing way too much on AL to the point where if they stopped, their channels dies. It's in a blue...
  8. MillionaireMadman

    Gross Alice Walker Wright / Alice Weaver Wright / Alice Ridley / partypantsNYC / Mercatur / nycaw

    This is sad. Alice, you're going up against girls half your age who have better looks and tighter snatches than you, some with actual Jew blood in their veins. You are not going to catch a rich Jewish man. Just stop.
  9. MillionaireMadman

    i wasn’t expecting this... 2/12/19

    You're late to the party here, sweet pea. I'll link you to this so you can get a basic understanding of what the hell goes on here. Start at 23:00 to get to the origin story.
  10. MillionaireMadman

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    I don't doubt that Becky's family are just hicks. Christ, watching the blogs is like a real life version of Squidbillies. It's just the hypocrisy that gets me. If Becky was from the hood or from a different country, would Micheal call them names since Becky would have a higher score at the...
  11. MillionaireMadman

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    The reason why I dislike Micheal is because he's a massive hypocrite. He is the first to call AL out on her using her weight for a reason why her life is so terrible while turning around, claiming that he's the victim of racism and homophobia in such an evil country and that everyone should pity...
  12. MillionaireMadman

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    He's riding Beetus Drake's dick so hard.
  13. MillionaireMadman

    Amberlynn Reid General Discussion

    Becky would leave Amber the day she gets her first paycheck. Being employed and Amber's slave is not part of the deal.
  14. MillionaireMadman

    Fan-made videos + the Haydur Nation

    Saw this and I don't think it's been posted on here yet. But personally, the hayders are getting a little too A Log happy for my liking. It's pretty gay to start a petition to get your favourite lol cow demonetized
  15. MillionaireMadman

    The Amberlynn Reid Show Supporting Cast

    I dunno about you guys but this is the best entertainment we've had for a good while. Not only is Becky's exceptional sister crying out how she's gonna Jew up and get the family lawyer, while still not being to tell the difference between your and you're, but we've got Dusty getting married to...

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